1950 Willys pickup

This beautiful Willys truck was brought to us from another shop here in Phoenix. They had done a BUNCH of work, and well.. did it all wrong, causing the clutch to seize up on the way home from the shop.  They called me and towed the Willys truck to us for repair.  The owner of the truck came over and she was thrilled to have the truck at a specialty shop.  Kim bought the truck with the lift and 3/4 ton spring on it,  It has a swapped in odd fire V6, hooked to the T90A and Dana 18 with overdrive. The conversion was an old one that had no markings on it. We had a hell of a time finding the right parts, converting it to a hydraulic clutch, modifying the pedals to work, and getting everything adjusted correctly.  It was a LOT of work and some good ole’ fashioned trial and error. Once that problem was solved, we found out it had the wrong spline count front axle shafts, so we fixed that,and rebuilt the brakes. We swapped in the bilstein shocks and remounted the rear shocks to a more shock friendly angle. We also rewired the truck with a modern style fuse block and HD wiring, installed a double din radio with back up camera behind the fake glove box door that is over the steering column in willys trucks. Clear coated an original worn steering wheel and installed it in place of the incorrect wheel. We plumbed in hydraulic brake locks into the system so she can lock both the front and rear brakes for parking if needed.  We fully detailed the engine compartment and rebuilt many components on the truck.  The final thing we did was touch up some paint areas. Kim painted the truck herself, and it is BEAUTIFUL!  We just cleaned up some spots and resprayed the Jet black paint.  In the end this truck ended up being a great driver, and man is it stunning.   Thanks again Kim for allowing us to fix your truck so you can enjoy it.

Willys Wagon

Lisa sent down this way cool 1957 willys wagon to us. It belonged to her father, and had been sitting in a barn since 1993.  The wagon had last been used in a parade, and had huge star stickers all over it and tires from the 70’s. It was apparent that it had not had much use since the 70’s. We started off replacing the fuel tank, sender, pump lines and rebuilding the carb. We have a saying at the Farm. “every jeep was parked for a reason” meaning, usually when they get parked and sit, there is a reason for that. LOTS of time was spent trying to get this old girl running, a new distributor and new timing chain was installed and she sputtered to life. A new 12 volt wire harness with HD wires and modern 6 fuse micro fuse box was installed. New tail lights, turn lights H4 conversion lights and rebuilt gauges got her electrically functioning.  On the underside, we installed new leaf springs, new shocks, rebuilt the axles, rebuilt steering components, rear brakes, all new bushings and a front disk conversion.  The remainder of the work was a new exhaust system, some 31×10.50×15 BFG’s and front seatbelts round out the mods.  I am a lover of willys wagons, My first car at 15 was a bone yard 51 willys wagon. My father and I got it up and running and I drove that for a couple of years.  Test driving this wagon brought back a slew of memories. This ole’ wagon ran and drove amazing, the flat 6 hurricane and disk brakes and radial tires makes it just cruise effortlessly. it REALLY ended up nice, we gave it a final buff to bring out what was left of the paint and Lisa and her husband are going to enjoy the heck outta this family treasure.

1985 Grand Wagoneer

Justin sent down this neat but tired Grand waggy. It had some serious electrical problems and some previous owner temporary wiring solutions for seats, windows, non working gauges and more.  We set about fixing all the wiring issues and in a Grand Wagoneer that’s’ no easy task. We rebuilt the factory gauge cluster and with new sending units got that all squared away. We added fuel injection, repaired some motor issues and that got it running in tip top shape. The poor ole’ jeep had a bunch of “stick on” chrome all over the lower panels. We removed all that and it took off some of the paint with it. So we repainted everything below the wood grain, we also did some other touch ups and re-cleared the hood.  The tires were worn out and the owner likes the old Mickey Thompson wheels, so we polished the wheels, added some grand wagoneer center caps to the wheels and added a new set of BFG all Terrains.  Once all the exterior items were finished, We turned to the interior. The burgundy/maroon interior had faded into about 6 different shades of Maroon. We installed new carpet, a new headliner, replaced the carpet at the bottom of the stock door panels, repainted a bunch of items to match and then re-upholstered the seats with a neat plaid insert. A custom center console was also upholstered to match and installed in the jeep.  Justin wanted a killer stereo, so a flip up head unit was installed, with polk audio speakers and in the rear a rockford Fosgate 12″ sub and amp were custom installed into the passenger rear cargo panel.  For the final touch, we custom made a roof rack for him. The cross bars were 3/4″ so that any Yakima rack product could bolt to it, bikes, cargo box, boat holders, you name it.  What came in as a tired wagoneer, left with new life, Not a full restoration, but a refresh. Now she looks the part, not perfect, but a presentable usable driver with a killer interior, fuel injection and a roof rack that will let him and his wife use the wagoneer in the way it was meant to be used.

1981 Jeep Scrambler

Don sent us this incredibly rusty scrambler he has had for years to restore. This poor but loved jeep, had some previous body work done in the past that was just bondo over rust. On further inspection, the frame had large rust holes in it as well. It was apparent that this resto was going to take more work than we thought. After tearing the jeep down, we ordered a Throttle Down Kustoms framen with a HD steering box mount, rear bumper and shackle reversal. Once we had that in place, we rebuilt the axles, added rear disk brakes, a disk/disk proportioning valve, a corvette master cyl on a new booster. We had the 6 cyl fully built with a mild RV cam and more. The Jeep came with a Mopar Fuel Injection on it Don had installed years ago. It’s a great system, so we reinstalled it. That was mated to a fully rebuilt T5 with a hurst shifter. The Dana 300 was also rebuilt in house. Both axles were rebuilt with 4:10 gears and new front brakes and all new steering with a custom built box. The body was in such bad shape, we used a reproduction tub, fenders, grill, windshield frame and tailgate! The only original parts are the hood, dashboard (which we repaired holes and a cut out radio hole) hard doors and the hardtop bulkhead. Don also supplied us with a set of YJ doors which we restored and painted to match. The reproduction tub took LOTS and LOTS of work to make right, all body work and paint was done in house!! Once the Jeep was painted back to its original Garnet red. We retextured the top in the correct “Honey” color, reupholstered the front seats and added larger boulsters to give him more support. To wrap up this cool build, I sold Don a set of factory Chrome wheels from my stash and mounted up his tires that were still in good shape. Last but not least, we restored the custom rack that Don had built for his jeep to carry his white water boats. This turned out to be one amazing driving CJ, TONS of power from the strait 6 and a LOOKER!!! Don is thrilled and enjoying his new/old Scrambler again.

1956 CJ5

John sent us this poor basket case jeep. When it showed up, it was literally a rolling frame, a 80’s v6 engine on a stand, covered in a shower curtain, a dash, 2 fenders, a hood and a grill. This Jeep is why I ask for pictures of all jeeps before they show up. LOL. But we pulled it off. It was a LOT of work, a repop tub, tailagte and windshield frame was used in this build, but the rest of the body panels are original. The axles were rebuilt, saginaw conversion utilizing the stock steering column and steering wheel. Changed the location of the 80’s ERA buick regal 3.8 v6 to move it back to where it should be, found the correct flywheel and clutch that would work with the ancient adapter, rebuilt the t90, rebuilt the Model 18 transfer case and added a saturn overdrive. The jeep has an old 2.5″ lift which we used, but removed a leaf from each pack to try and make it ride better. Some reproduction 16″ wheels have some 7.50-16 Traxxon tires mounted on them. The motor was in good shape, so we painted it in Kaiser era v6 green, added sanderson headers, HEI ignition rebuilt stock carb, new wiring with modern fuse block and HD wiring and more. All the paint and body and the Julip green paint was all done in house!! We spent close to a year tracking down the correct missing seats, had those upholstered in black sunbrella material to finish off this amazing build. The jeep is now back at home in california, enjoying weekend cruises.