1981 Jeep CJ8

Nick brought over a VERY VERY rusty scrambler for us to restore and do an LS conversion on. I am not a big fan of the reproduction tubs, but his jeep was so rusty that there was more rust than there was metal. We tore the jeep down and began a rebuild of the drivetrain while we waited on the tub to arrive. We rebuilt the front Dana 30 axle, Upgraded the rear to a Dana 44 and rebuilt that also. The sanded and painted frame was stuffed with a 2002 Tahoe 5.3 LS motor and hooked to an AX-15 transmission. The original Dana 300 was rebuilt and hug back in the frame. A Rubicon express 4″ lift was installed with some red ploy bushings and red diff covers requested by the owner. Once all the needed work was done to the repop tub (it was a LOT), we repaired the remainder of his original steel and painted it all in the original color 1E copper.  MAN O’ MAN does it pop!. The underside and interior were bedlined in color matched bedliner as well.  We completely rewired the jeep, adding speedhut tach and clock, rebuilding the original speedo and volts and oil pressure gauges. The jeep was assembled with magnaflow dual exhaust, an OEM half soft top, OEM Tonnue cover, and some “jeep” mudflaps. All this stuff the owner had collected over years in anticipation for the resto. Some 33×10.50×15 wheels were mounted on restored factory wheels and custom front and rear bumpers round out this build.  Thanks again Nick for trusting us with your baby and I hope you enjoy all the power that 5.3 put down!! and boy does it. SHE SCOOTS!!! 

1985 Jeep CJ7 Laredo

Jason sent us his 1985 CJ7 from the Florida Keys to have it restored after Hurricane Maria hit and did major damage to the Jeep. Once the jeep had arrived it was very obvious that it needed some love. Living in the salty environment, and being badly damaged in the hurricane had taken its toll on the jeep. We did LOTS of rust repair, and also had to replace the windshield, steering column and steering wheel where it had been crushed. Jason wanted a little more gumption than the stock 6 cyl had so we “built” an AMC 360, with comp cam RV cam, oiling upgrades and more, a Howell EFI and a Davis Distributor give it life! Ceramic headers, aluminum radiator, Duel Magnaflow exhaust all make that CJ move! we hooked all that to a new AX-15 transmission and rebuilt the dana 300 transfer case. Jason had swapped out the axles years ago with a set of scout Dana 44 axles, so we rebuilt them, added a shackle reversal and reused his wheels and 33″ BFG tires that came with the jeep. We completely repainted the body in the original Garnet Metallic and did a color matched bedliner under the jeep and inside. We had the original seats restitched in the correct Laredo style, and restitched the steering wheel and grab bar in genuine leather and a retro radio wraps up the inside. New Laredo graphics complete this resto/mod build. What a JEEP!! the sound of that RV cam, the colors and the stance make this one awesome Jeep. Man O’ man does it drive!!! Thanks again Jason for shipping your jeep to us for this build. I really enjoyed it! I hope you are also.

1970 Wagoneer

Chase reached out to us to restore and customize his 1970 first gen wagoneer. It was a driver, decent shape, but a little rough around the edges with satin black paint and a fair amount of bondo and fiberglass. We first stripped the jeep down and began to repair all the body panels, floor boards and rear quarters that were full of fiberglass. Once all the metal work was done, we pointed our attention to the drive train. We decided to ditch the old 5 lug, closed knuckle drum brake axles and swap in a set of later model waggy axles. We choose some 79 wagoneer 44’s front and rear, that gave us disk brakes and a beefier axle. To do this we had to cut all the first gen spring hangers off the frame and custom make hangers. We slung some late model 6″ springs into place and mounted up a set of custom made Detroit Steel 18″x 8″ wheels powder coated white. A set of 285/65/18 BFG AT’s and dog dish caps round out the tire and wheel package. Once the suspension was done, we swapped in a AX-15, 5 speed trans behind the original but detailed Buick 350. Hydraulic clutch conversion and a Centerforce clutch make it a very easy pedal. This was connected to the Dana 20 transfercase that we custom made a twin stick conversion for. The Jeep was painted inside and out with a custom baby blue paint with the roof being painted to match the powder coated wheels. We cleaned LOTS of trim off the tailgate, welded up the factory stereo hole in the dash and removed the factory dash pad. This being a base model waggy, we added all the stainless trim around the windows, a roof rack and more. Chase wanted a custom carpet look with the trans tunnel and more floor being exposed. So the carpet was custom made to be removed with snaps only covering the foot well area and rear floor. The factory seats were custom stitched with a mix of a Pendelton blanket (his families favorite) and black heavy vinyl. The door panels were made to match with custom mesh covering the speakers and the sub woofer in the rear quarter. The stereo is a blue tooth receiver hidden under the front seat with an AMP and all JL audio speakers and a 12″ sub in the rear. The whole jeep was rewired, Modern A/C blows through the vintage under dash unit, and a full spectrum of gauges hide in the glove box with the sub controls and USB port for charging phones. There is SOOOO much custom work in this rig. From the custom drivetrain to hidden stereo…The above paragraph doesnt even come close to describing all the work……It really does drive like a dream. The 5 speed swap really does let it roll at 80mph without the typical Wagoneer screaming…. A/C custom stereo, custom steering box….. wow. My guys really knocked it out of the park. Chase thank you for the business and I think you and the family are gonna enjoy this ride! I know I REALLY enjoyed the test drive miles.

1966 Wagoneer

This amazing 1966 Wagoneer was actually one of my waggys. It was a running driving wagg, but pretty rough, painted with white latex house paint! One owner (still alive) and loads of cool documentation as well as Owners ID card… too cool! . Peter reached out to me wanting a first generation Wagoneer. We talked about mine, and discussed buying me out of the restoration that had already begun. He decided to buy a scout and well….after a year of scout ownership, he called me again and was pleased to hear I still had it!. Being a jeep we only worked on here and there (cause it was mine) it honestly had not gotten far. Peter purchased the jeep and we got to finishing it! The 230 Tornado six ran well, so the head was rebuilt, The motor was resealed and painted. The body was removed from the frame and completely sand blasted. The frame was sanded and painted, the axles rebuilt with a disk brake conversion on the front axle. All new brake lines, rebuilt steering box, fully detailed motor, repainted wheels, coker tires, and a 1″ lift round out the under side. The body had very little rust, what was there, was cut out and new metal took its place. The bottom side of the tub was sprayed in color matched President Red bedliner. The body being completely stripped down, got 3 gallons primer, 3 gallons of President red base coat, and 3 gallons of high end clear inside and out. We repainted the dashboard and other items in the correct (custom made) champagne color. The original seats and door panels were stitched in the correct vinyl with NOS 66 wagoneer seat inert material!!! Tons of sound deadener and all new felts and rubbers seal it up tight! This Wagoneer was originally a base model. Peter wanted to “jazz it up” so we installed Stainless trim around the windows, Roof rack, and stitched the interior with the “custom” level trim. We added a NOS dash clock, Retro belt seat belts and re-wired it with a modern wire harness and fuse box. We decided to keep the 70’s added A/C unit, but made it modern with a Sandensen style compressor, dryer and condenser to make it blast cold air! The list goes on and on, I cannot tell you all we did. 18 months, complete nut and bolt resto. BUT man what a beauty! I really gotta give a shout out to my guys, they really did a fantastic job! Restoring a first gen wagoneer isn’t for the faint of heart. Finding parts, getting creative and mustering through areas that there is no info on, is just part of it. I also need to thank Peter and Eric. Peter thanks for financing this build, being so excited about it. I hope you enjoy it tremendously!

1984 Jeep XJ Pioneer

Phillip contacted me and asked me if I would restore an XJ. Initially I said no, But when I heard the story of him wanting to build it for his fathers 60th B-day and that he wanted a early low back seat XJ. I said OK. So Phillip found a XJ and sent it to me from Oregon, it was rusty and rusty, so he looked and patience paid off when he found a correct color 1984 Pioneer with a great interior! Once that jeep had arrived at the shop we proceeded to rebuild and customize it. First off we yanked the lethargic 2.8 V6 and 3 speed auto painted the engine compartment and put in a stroked 2.8 with a 3.4 crank, massaged heads, Comp cam, edelbrock 4BBL intake, Holley 390 carb with a custom intake. The jeep did not come with A/C so we robed the system from the first XJ, using chevy blazer v6 parts for the motor we made it an A/C jeep. A Novak built 700r4 backs up to the motor with the stock 231 transfer case. We also installed a teraflex 2″ lift, Eaton E locker in the rear, magnaflow exhaust, rebuilt the axles and brakes while we were there. A custom Lokar shifter and Novak transfer case shifter fit into the original slots actuate all the gears. The 31×10.50×15 BFGs are on restored Jeep wheels and look great. The matching spare is on a Smittybuilt bumper and tire carrier and we modified the dealer installed brush guard to accept a 9500LB bulldog winch and Hella lights. The body was in great shape, only requiring a buff and minor touch ups. On the interior we installed loads of sound deadener and new carpet, new headliner, and just a good scrubbing with all new weather seals round out the Jeep. This was a VERY cool build. it was challenging for being our first XJ and being a very early model. Some parts were hard to find, and some had to be scratch made. Don you are a lucky man! Having a son like Phillip to do this for you must be rewarding! you raised that boy right! I hope you guys enjoy this super cool, retro XJ. and thanks you for the business!

1959 Jeep CJ5

Tom sent us this cool old 59 CJ5 from Alaska. He was having a hard time finding someone up there that could do the work. He had had a “local” guy rebuild the engine, but still had issues. Once we had Toms jeep, we knew he didn’t want to mess with the original look of the jeep. I couldn’t agree more!! So we set on with a mechanical only restoration. We started by putting in a new clutch, pressure plate and resurface flywheel. We cleaned and freshened/resealed the transmission, transfer case and PTO unit. After all the was done, we rebuilt both front and rear axles, all the brakes, all the hard and soft lines, master cyl and more. The CJ is so heavy with the hardtop, PTO and plow, the springs were shot!!! We installed 4 new HD springs and shackles, all new bushings and more. One of the biggest issues with the old girl, was the body mounts were all broken off…. We rebuilt all the rear body mounts (tub side) and the mounts at the bottom of the cowl area were just gone! The Jeeps body was sitting on the bottom of the fenders. Not unusual for a jeep that’s worked for a living. After rebuilding all that, new body mounts, a set of fresh Coker tires makes her sit up proud! We also installed a new gas tank, did a LOT of wiring to make all his lights, fan, heater all work and some new seats round out this cool old jeep.

1972 Jeep J 2000 Pickup

“Geronimo” contacted me and wanted help finding a early J10 or J2000/4000 pickup. We looked at some options and ended up finding this cool orange truck in California. The story gets Interesting here. So the truck came from a small ski town that was very hard to get a transport truck to. After the third or fourth attempt (different carrier companies giving up), a driver finally got his truck up there. Once he was there, the previous owner started the jeep, somehow the motor started revving at full throttle, caught fire, and they put out the fire with a garden hose…. ooops. That locked up the motor! Well….all the engine compartment was a burnt melted mess. So the truck was declined for transport, and well then it sat again. Finally finding another driver to go up there and pick it up, it made its way to Arizona. Once we received the basket case truck, we pulled the stuck motor, removed all the burnt wiring and proceeded to do rust repairs on the floor. We sold Geronimo a new hood, painted it orange (I weathered the edges to make it look older) and painted the inside of the cab at the same time. We sourced a new 401, installed that with a new clutch and pressure plate, added a Howell FI, Davis HEI distributor and headers. The owner found some cool old valve covers and Offy breathers off ebay, and those too were installed along with Modern A/C, complete rewire, new hoses, radiator and more. There are no lift kits made for the early J-trucks, so we custom made a shackle reversal, had custom springs made for the front, a lift block in the rear and added some Rancho RS7000 shocks. A disk brake kit was added to the original axles when they were rebuilt and a power brake booster to give her some killer stopping power. We turned our attention to the interior. Geronimo wanted buckets instead of the factory bench seat. We sourced some wagoneer buckets and upholstered them, the door panels, and roof panel in Military tan canvas for a durable and cool look. We had custom paint made to match the canvas, painted the dash and steering wheel once we built a cover for the stereo and dash speaker. Mounted hidden gauges and fuses for the Fuel injection in the glovebox. One of the hardest things to find was a “sorta” strait tailgate, but after a LONG search and many months we found one!. It too was painted orange, I painted the white jeep letters, and then weathered the edges like it did the hood, so it looked like a older paint. Finally we built him a 90’s style pre-runner light bar for the front that he wanted to hold his Euro spec 10″ vintage Cibie Oscars. Those will be installed once its in Germany. What a cool J2000!! the 401 is a tire spinning fool, and all the suspension work, custom made steering, make it drive great! The too cool aluminum camper shell and bright orange paint is going to STAND OUT in Germany!!! I love it!

1981 Jeep Cherokee

Micah sent us his grandfathers 1981 Cherokee he inherited from The Chicago area. It was an amazing 26k mile original Jeep. However being from the Chicago area living in a damp garage, she had some rust issues on the frame and under body. His grandfather had coated the whole engine bay and under neath in a Tar like coating that actually kept the body rust free. The first task was removing all the tar like goo from everything, cleaning and sanding the frame, cleaning up and rebuilding the axles, and brakes, repainting the engine compartment in the original blue, we also fixed some “snow berm” dents in the lower rockers and repaint those. The Jeep still wears 90% of its original paint, we added a 2.5″ lift with some 31×10.50×15 BFG All terrains to the repainted factory wheels. We installed a Magnaflow exhaust, matching spare and we used most of the original interior because it was in such good shape, but tons of sound deaden-er everywhere. We added a Retro radio, 4 Polk Audi speaks and power sub woofer in the back. The motor got removed and complete reseal with new AMC blue paint, a Howell Fuel Injection, Davis Unified Distributor, modern AC components and more. What a sweet Low mileage Jeep!!! Micah flew into AZ with some buddies and road tripped the Jeep back to New Orleans where its new home is.

1943 Willys MB

Dougs 43 you can see further down on my web page, we Have done LOTS of work to it in the past. Doug sent us his Willys for some more work. He had a heck of a time finding people to do basic repairs in the LA area. He decided that once it was here to go ahead and rebuild both rear springs, Rebuild the transmission, transfercase, new clutch, add a Saturn Overdrive, Complete rewire, new front seats and canvas, add a rear seat (canvas had not shipped by the time I shot the pics), We also replaced the hacked up motor plate (had been cut for a 12volt alternator to fit). and made a custom bracket to mount a Altgen (12volt alternator, that looks like a generator), painted it OD green to match the motor. We also added lights to the dash as well as some other small things. The old girl runs and drives like a dream now.

1975 Cherokee S

Anthony reached out to me to help him find a black Cherokee. He really only wanted Black, Not always the easiest color to find in the Full Size Jeep world, after a few months, we were able to track down a good starter. She was all original but had LOTS of rust, We tore it down and began on a long journey of metal work and paint. We replaced most all of the passenger floor board, the front part of the drivers floor, partial pcs by the rear wheel well, couple of spots in rear cargo area, both lower inner and outer quarter panels, some odd spots like inside the tail light housings. Once all the Metal work was finished, we pulled the front clip and painted the inner fenders, resealed and detailed the engine block and all its pieces, Added a Howell Fuel Injection, Modern A/C components, headers and a Magnaflow exhaust. We also installed one of our shackle reversals in the front with a 2.5″ lift spring to fit some 31×10.50×15 tires on original polished wheels. Next was the black paint! close to 300 hours are in that paint job (inside and out), Epoxy coat, primer, sealer, LOTS AND LOTS of sanding, then 5 coats of factory black base coat (but modern) and 5-7 coats of clear then LOTS of wet sanding and buffing. But boy howdy she turned out to be a looker. A new set of repop stickers, repainted badges tie it all together! We also did a new carpet kit, a strait and not cracked dash pad, headliner and detailed the original door panels and seats as best we could. The upholstery was not in the budget after all that paint work. However he will have the seats redone soon. This Jeep has a really cool door panel insert if you look closely at the pics. This turned out to be a REALLY stunning Jeep. The paint is miles deep and runs and drives awesome. Thanks again Anthony, I hope its happy in the garage with the black JK and black suburban!

77 CJ7 Renegade Levis Edition

Catherine sent us her super clean low mileage 77 Renegade Levis edition for us to do a “refresh”, this Jeep belonged to her father and and has been sitting in a dry Arizona barn for years! Man when I saw this jeep I tried to get her to sell it to me….. but NO WAY! LOL and I don’t blame her. Its not often we see Jeeps as original and clean as this one. It came to us with some old lift kit, side pipes, faded orange paint and some gremlins. We cleaned it up, rebuilt the suspension, lowered it back to stock, all new bushings, some HD shackles, Pro Comp shocks, SS brake lines, new 31×10.50×15 BFG’s on just cleaned up factory wheels! wow. Added Howell Fuel injection, a Davis Unified Distributor, new hoses, boiled out radiator, fan shroud and more. We cleaned and painted the under side, freshened up the axles, new brake pads and a Magnaflow exhaust make it sound throaty but not too loud. She wanted to leave the front seats alone, so we did, we replaced the chrome dash center piece with the correct black, new pull knobs and dash lights, fixed some wiring gremlins and buffed and buffed the original orange back to life. I do love a preservation especially when the body is so strait and nice!! Thanks again Catherine, “IF” you ever wanna sell….. she would look great in my garage. ! What a great Jeep and thank you for the business.

1985 Jeep Laredo

1985 Jeep CJ7 Laredo was brought to us by Greg from Alaska. He purchased this Jeep new in 1985, in Alaska, used it while working on the pipe line. A snow plow had hit the the drivers rear quarter and hard door. The jeep was faded and weathered, kinda worn out but only had 63k original miles. So we tore it down, and had to replace the entire drivers quarter panel and hard door, multiple rust spot repairs on the floors (alaska and carpet), Complete repaint inside and out. We added a Howell Fuel Injection, Davis Unified Ignition, new clutch, freshened up the axles and trans and transfer case, brakes, all hoses, belts and more. Once the fresh coat of Copper Brown Metallic was laid down, we got new Laredo stickers, polished the factory wheels and texture coated the top of the hard doors. Had the seats recovered, new carpet, some new gauges and new “Laredo” badge on the glove box. All new poly suspension, Brake lines, shocks and more make this a GREAT driving Jeep. I do love the stock feel of a original Laredo. OH and that color combo is great!

1974 F-250 XLT Ranger

I have decided to sell one of my personal trucks to buy a LARGE piece of shop equipment we need to make the “jeep restoration” business move faster and easier. So this is a real “my loss, your gain” deal. These are VERY hard to find in this shape. The original owner REALLY loved this truck, as I do. So with a heavy heart… here it is.

First year of the Supercab, has the rare pop open rear vent windows. In 1974 the was the Nicest 2WD truck you could buy from Ford!! 119k original miles, original paint, original interior! Has a BUILT 460 with 428 DOVE heads, Harland Sharp Roller Rockers, Comp Cam, New Comp Cams dual Valve springs, MSD Distributor and 6AL ignition, Holley 750 Double pumper, Headers, Magnaflow exhaust, (Guessing less then 30k on motor). Dual electric fans, plus mechanical “flex-a-lite” fan. (I have a New original ford fan with new fan clutch painted and ready to be installed) BUILT C6 automatic, A/C, Tilt column conversion, Ford Sport steering wheel, Hella H4 conversion lights, Original Interior is in great shape. I have never removed front seat cover, rear in great shape, dash has cracks, but can be purchased online. Has mid 90’s F250 wheels, with decent tires, Has the U.9000 HD power disk brakes upfront, New radius arm bushings.

Truck is a legit POWER HOUSE! Will spin the tires freely and bark in every gear…..Second hits so hard under full throttle, it will hang out the back end. Has an ”open” rear with either the 3:73 or 4:10 gears. (have not verified) Runs and drives great, Thumbs up everywhere you go! Has rust in at the top of the rear wheel wells and tiny spots on the cab corners. Please look at the pics, This truck has a 45 year old paint job that has scratches and dents, some of the trim has dents, but it shines better than some new cars. Truck drives strait and true, has typ steering slop of that generation truck, A/C blows cold, may need a charge near summer. I drive this truck regularly, It will run down the highway at 80, but with a 3 speed auto she’s buzzin along pretty good. Around town, its fun to drive and give the racer kiddos a huge surprise at the stop light shenanigans…… A great buy and a AMAZING truck. my loss your gain, I need shop equipment and I dont wanna borrow money from the bank…. so its gotta go.