1966 Cobra Kit

Registered as a 66 Cobra. From Texas by a owner that neglected it. Built 351Cleveland, Top Loader 4spd. 66 Jaguar XKE front torsion bar suspension and 66 JAG XKE independent rear. Tube frame and steel scatter shield. Racing clutch ect. This was my money hole. Rebuilt dashboard (removed autometer guages) installed all original Smiths guages with Lucas switches. New shifter, new 25 gallon custom made stainless steel fuel cell. Restored original Halibrand Knock offs. New BFG tires, new fuel system, Lexan winshield, new Raydot mirrors, new roll bar (real roll bar) made by RED Randy Ellis Design. New Lucas H4 lights, New racing quick jack bumpers. new lenses, hidden stereo, hidden speakers, sound deadening material everywhere. New dual oil filters and correct cooler. New bushings NEW NEW NEW..I am sure I am forgetting a ton of parts…. this car was a blast to drive and I was always on the cusp of getting into alot of trouble. Sold car to new owner in Ohio. He is planning on RED paint last I talked to him. He loves his car!!