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Welcome to The Jeep Farm, LLC.  Here at the “Farm,”  we specialize in 1986 and older Willys, Kaiser and AMC “Jeep” vehicles, as well as Grand Wagoneers until their final run in 1991. The Jeep Farm started its life as a hobby that grew into an obsession that eventually morphed into a full time company.  Growing up in and around Jeeps, it seemed like a natural fit for my talents and mechanical skills to restore and renew something that I have always loved.  Bringing Jeeps back life and seeing them back on the road or trail truly is what the “Farm” is about.  We live and breathe the Jeep Life.  Driving Jeeps, wheelin’ Jeeps and being a part of the Jeep community is our passion, our life, and our reason to live.

Jeeps are pieces of Americana, a huge part of motoring history, muscle car mania, gas crunch victims, and war veterans. Jeep has and will always be a part of America. They bring a smile to your face and make you feel proud in your heart to be driving them. They have so much more to offer than any modern “bubble” car. Woodgrains, bright colors to olive green, Loud V8’s, side pipes, tires that hum, the chrome, and most of all the four wheel drive. The ability to take you where you want to go, places only a “Jeeper” can go, exploration, and camping. Getting out and seeing this country and spending time in the great outdoors is a dying pastime in the digital age. Live, and breathe the Jeep life.

What are you waiting for?

Here at the “Farm” we offer a wide variety services from restoration, repair, sales, consignment, sourcing, and hoarding. Please read below to see each scope and its definition.  To learn more about us please look at the Contact page.  Also, please look at our Facebook page, YouTube videos, and JP Magazine article.  See why we will become your first choice in Jeep restoration, or as we call it, “The Jeep Farm.”   

Restoration: Restoring or bringing back to life the right Jeep or Willys is a passion and an art form. We search the Western US for original and rust-free, and sometimes rare Jeeps.  Restoration projects can range from full “nut-and-bolt” restorations to budget-oriented builds.  Often we self-purchase and rebuild Jeeps on order to keep a constant flow of beautiful “Farm Fresh” Jeeps available to the market. We also serve selective clientele who fit within The Jeep Farm’s theme of ‘Full Originality’ or ‘Near Original’ (with mild modifications) — our specialty areas.  Our passion is first-quality, period correct, and detail-oriented work, whether in partial restorations or in full blown “nut-and-bolt” restorations.  Further, we also specialize in what we call “sympathetic restorations.”  This is one of our favorite paths in which we keep as much of the original feel of the vehicle (including but not limited to sustaining as much of the original paint and seat material, and preserving the drivetrain) while replacing and restoring only what is really needed to make an original feeling “Survivor” but yet a reliable driver.  Ultimately, there really is no limit to our work as long as it fits into our theme.  Sometimes proud prospective owners want an upgraded, modern engine.  We will gladly perform this service at your request.   Additional personalization may include: custom exhaust, lift kits, larger tires, gears, lockers, stereos, bumpers, and winches, all of which are available within the scope of building your “Dream Jeep.”  At The Jeep Farm, we want to build the Jeep you want whether it’s restored back to original, slightly modified, or with stealth power (while still stock in appearance); you name it, we will build it for you.

Repair: Repairing Jeeps for you is a service that we do with a smile.  We only work on Jeeps that fit our niche which kept us a steady flow of clientele.   Willingness to work on the old and rusty, not running for decades, or the forgotten is our specialty.   Rebuilding motors, drivetrain parts, and general repairs is a “Farm” axiom.  Please email or contact in person for a quote.  Please remember that estimates are nearly impossible without a visual inspection of a Jeep’s overall condition.

Sales: Buying and restoring Jeeps is an addiction here at the “Farm.”  Please view our listings below of Jeeps for sale and watch our eBay listings as well as other online listings.

Consignment: Consigning Jeeps for select clients is offered.  Any Jeep that we sell for customers has to fit the “Farm’s” style and also has to be up to our standards. We only sell what we would buy. Complete honesty and detailed communication regarding any issues is a must in any agreement with our client and potential new owner. The Jeep Farm will only sell Jeeps and Willys vehicles. The Jeeps have to be local to me and I have to see and drive in person. I will not sell any vehicle that I cannot reasonably vouch for. Please contact me with pictures and we can discuss further.

Sourcing: The Jeep Farm will help locate, photograph, and inspect Jeeps for you.  Finding the right Jeep for a customer can be a long process, sometimes taking many months. Once you have agreed to pursue a certain Jeep, we go look at the Jeep in person.  We also offer help in negotiating a price, purchasing, easing money transfer, picking up the Jeep and delivering to an automotive carrier, all for a fee.  Many clients have us locate the Jeep they want, perform any needed repairs, repaint to original or custom color, and execute any upgrades or modifications so that they can receive the Jeep they have always wanted.

Hoarding: Well you can never have too many Jeeps can you? I truly see beauty in most Jeeps. I could have one of every model, doubles and triples of some.  If it weren’t for my lovely wife, I probably would.  If you have the “Jeep Bug” you know exactly what I mean.

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