1985 Jeep CJ7 Laredo

Jason sent us his 1985 CJ7 from the Florida Keys to have it restored after Hurricane Maria hit and did major damage to the Jeep. Once the jeep had arrived it was very obvious that it needed some love. Living in the salty environment, and being badly damaged in the hurricane had taken its toll on the jeep. We did LOTS of rust repair, and also had to replace the windshield, steering column and steering wheel where it had been crushed. Jason wanted a little more gumption than the stock 6 cyl had so we “built” an AMC 360, with comp cam RV cam, oiling upgrades and more, a Howell EFI and a Davis Distributor give it life! Ceramic headers, aluminum radiator, Duel Magnaflow exhaust all make that CJ move! we hooked all that to a new AX-15 transmission and rebuilt the dana 300 transfer case. Jason had swapped out the axles years ago with a set of scout Dana 44 axles, so we rebuilt them, added a shackle reversal and reused his wheels and 33″ BFG tires that came with the jeep. We completely repainted the body in the original Garnet Metallic and did a color matched bedliner under the jeep and inside. We had the original seats restitched in the correct Laredo style, and restitched the steering wheel and grab bar in genuine leather and a retro radio wraps up the inside. New Laredo graphics complete this resto/mod build. What a JEEP!! the sound of that RV cam, the colors and the stance make this one awesome Jeep. Man O’ man does it drive!!! Thanks again Jason for shipping your jeep to us for this build. I really enjoyed it! I hope you are also.

1970 Wagoneer

Chase reached out to us to restore and customize his 1970 first gen wagoneer. It was a driver, decent shape, but a little rough around the edges with satin black paint and a fair amount of bondo and fiberglass. We first stripped the jeep down and began to repair all the body panels, floor boards and rear quarters that were full of fiberglass. Once all the metal work was done, we pointed our attention to the drive train. We decided to ditch the old 5 lug, closed knuckle drum brake axles and swap in a set of later model waggy axles. We choose some 79 wagoneer 44’s front and rear, that gave us disk brakes and a beefier axle. To do this we had to cut all the first gen spring hangers off the frame and custom make hangers. We slung some late model 6″ springs into place and mounted up a set of custom made Detroit Steel 18″x 8″ wheels powder coated white. A set of 285/65/18 BFG AT’s and dog dish caps round out the tire and wheel package. Once the suspension was done, we swapped in a AX-15, 5 speed trans behind the original but detailed Buick 350. Hydraulic clutch conversion and a Centerforce clutch make it a very easy pedal. This was connected to the Dana 20 transfercase that we custom made a twin stick conversion for. The Jeep was painted inside and out with a custom baby blue paint with the roof being painted to match the powder coated wheels. We cleaned LOTS of trim off the tailgate, welded up the factory stereo hole in the dash and removed the factory dash pad. This being a base model waggy, we added all the stainless trim around the windows, a roof rack and more. Chase wanted a custom carpet look with the trans tunnel and more floor being exposed. So the carpet was custom made to be removed with snaps only covering the foot well area and rear floor. The factory seats were custom stitched with a mix of a Pendelton blanket (his families favorite) and black heavy vinyl. The door panels were made to match with custom mesh covering the speakers and the sub woofer in the rear quarter. The stereo is a blue tooth receiver hidden under the front seat with an AMP and all JL audio speakers and a 12″ sub in the rear. The whole jeep was rewired, Modern A/C blows through the vintage under dash unit, and a full spectrum of gauges hide in the glove box with the sub controls and USB port for charging phones. There is SOOOO much custom work in this rig. From the custom drivetrain to hidden stereo…The above paragraph doesnt even come close to describing all the work……It really does drive like a dream. The 5 speed swap really does let it roll at 80mph without the typical Wagoneer screaming…. A/C custom stereo, custom steering box….. wow. My guys really knocked it out of the park. Chase thank you for the business and I think you and the family are gonna enjoy this ride! I know I REALLY enjoyed the test drive miles.

1966 Wagoneer

This amazing 1966 Wagoneer was actually one of my waggys. It was a running driving wagg, but pretty rough, painted with white latex house paint! One owner (still alive) and loads of cool documentation as well as Owners ID card… too cool! . Peter reached out to me wanting a first generation Wagoneer. We talked about mine, and discussed buying me out of the restoration that had already begun. He decided to buy a scout and well….after a year of scout ownership, he called me again and was pleased to hear I still had it!. Being a jeep we only worked on here and there (cause it was mine) it honestly had not gotten far. Peter purchased the jeep and we got to finishing it! The 230 Tornado six ran well, so the head was rebuilt, The motor was resealed and painted. The body was removed from the frame and completely sand blasted. The frame was sanded and painted, the axles rebuilt with a disk brake conversion on the front axle. All new brake lines, rebuilt steering box, fully detailed motor, repainted wheels, coker tires, and a 1″ lift round out the under side. The body had very little rust, what was there, was cut out and new metal took its place. The bottom side of the tub was sprayed in color matched President Red bedliner. The body being completely stripped down, got 3 gallons primer, 3 gallons of President red base coat, and 3 gallons of high end clear inside and out. We repainted the dashboard and other items in the correct (custom made) champagne color. The original seats and door panels were stitched in the correct vinyl with NOS 66 wagoneer seat inert material!!! Tons of sound deadener and all new felts and rubbers seal it up tight! This Wagoneer was originally a base model. Peter wanted to “jazz it up” so we installed Stainless trim around the windows, Roof rack, and stitched the interior with the “custom” level trim. We added a NOS dash clock, Retro belt seat belts and re-wired it with a modern wire harness and fuse box. We decided to keep the 70’s added A/C unit, but made it modern with a Sandensen style compressor, dryer and condenser to make it blast cold air! The list goes on and on, I cannot tell you all we did. 18 months, complete nut and bolt resto. BUT man what a beauty! I really gotta give a shout out to my guys, they really did a fantastic job! Restoring a first gen wagoneer isn’t for the faint of heart. Finding parts, getting creative and mustering through areas that there is no info on, is just part of it. I also need to thank Peter and Eric. Peter thanks for financing this build, being so excited about it. I hope you enjoy it tremendously!

1984 Jeep XJ Pioneer

Phillip contacted me and asked me if I would restore an XJ. Initially I said no, But when I heard the story of him wanting to build it for his fathers 60th B-day and that he wanted a early low back seat XJ. I said OK. So Phillip found a XJ and sent it to me from Oregon, it was rusty and rusty, so he looked and patience paid off when he found a correct color 1984 Pioneer with a great interior! Once that jeep had arrived at the shop we proceeded to rebuild and customize it. First off we yanked the lethargic 2.8 V6 and 3 speed auto painted the engine compartment and put in a stroked 2.8 with a 3.4 crank, massaged heads, Comp cam, edelbrock 4BBL intake, Holley 390 carb with a custom intake. The jeep did not come with A/C so we robed the system from the first XJ, using chevy blazer v6 parts for the motor we made it an A/C jeep. A Novak built 700r4 backs up to the motor with the stock 231 transfer case. We also installed a teraflex 2″ lift, Eaton E locker in the rear, magnaflow exhaust, rebuilt the axles and brakes while we were there. A custom Lokar shifter and Novak transfer case shifter fit into the original slots actuate all the gears. The 31×10.50×15 BFGs are on restored Jeep wheels and look great. The matching spare is on a Smittybuilt bumper and tire carrier and we modified the dealer installed brush guard to accept a 9500LB bulldog winch and Hella lights. The body was in great shape, only requiring a buff and minor touch ups. On the interior we installed loads of sound deadener and new carpet, new headliner, and just a good scrubbing with all new weather seals round out the Jeep. This was a VERY cool build. it was challenging for being our first XJ and being a very early model. Some parts were hard to find, and some had to be scratch made. Don you are a lucky man! Having a son like Phillip to do this for you must be rewarding! you raised that boy right! I hope you guys enjoy this super cool, retro XJ. and thanks you for the business!

1959 Jeep CJ5

Tom sent us this cool old 59 CJ5 from Alaska. He was having a hard time finding someone up there that could do the work. He had had a “local” guy rebuild the engine, but still had issues. Once we had Toms jeep, we knew he didn’t want to mess with the original look of the jeep. I couldn’t agree more!! So we set on with a mechanical only restoration. We started by putting in a new clutch, pressure plate and resurface flywheel. We cleaned and freshened/resealed the transmission, transfer case and PTO unit. After all the was done, we rebuilt both front and rear axles, all the brakes, all the hard and soft lines, master cyl and more. The CJ is so heavy with the hardtop, PTO and plow, the springs were shot!!! We installed 4 new HD springs and shackles, all new bushings and more. One of the biggest issues with the old girl, was the body mounts were all broken off…. We rebuilt all the rear body mounts (tub side) and the mounts at the bottom of the cowl area were just gone! The Jeeps body was sitting on the bottom of the fenders. Not unusual for a jeep that’s worked for a living. After rebuilding all that, new body mounts, a set of fresh Coker tires makes her sit up proud! We also installed a new gas tank, did a LOT of wiring to make all his lights, fan, heater all work and some new seats round out this cool old jeep.

1972 Jeep J 2000 Pickup

“Geronimo” contacted me and wanted help finding a early J10 or J2000/4000 pickup. We looked at some options and ended up finding this cool orange truck in California. The story gets Interesting here. So the truck came from a small ski town that was very hard to get a transport truck to. After the third or fourth attempt (different carrier companies giving up), a driver finally got his truck up there. Once he was there, the previous owner started the jeep, somehow the motor started revving at full throttle, caught fire, and they put out the fire with a garden hose…. ooops. That locked up the motor! Well….all the engine compartment was a burnt melted mess. So the truck was declined for transport, and well then it sat again. Finally finding another driver to go up there and pick it up, it made its way to Arizona. Once we received the basket case truck, we pulled the stuck motor, removed all the burnt wiring and proceeded to do rust repairs on the floor. We sold Geronimo a new hood, painted it orange (I weathered the edges to make it look older) and painted the inside of the cab at the same time. We sourced a new 401, installed that with a new clutch and pressure plate, added a Howell FI, Davis HEI distributor and headers. The owner found some cool old valve covers and Offy breathers off ebay, and those too were installed along with Modern A/C, complete rewire, new hoses, radiator and more. There are no lift kits made for the early J-trucks, so we custom made a shackle reversal, had custom springs made for the front, a lift block in the rear and added some Rancho RS7000 shocks. A disk brake kit was added to the original axles when they were rebuilt and a power brake booster to give her some killer stopping power. We turned our attention to the interior. Geronimo wanted buckets instead of the factory bench seat. We sourced some wagoneer buckets and upholstered them, the door panels, and roof panel in Military tan canvas for a durable and cool look. We had custom paint made to match the canvas, painted the dash and steering wheel once we built a cover for the stereo and dash speaker. Mounted hidden gauges and fuses for the Fuel injection in the glovebox. One of the hardest things to find was a “sorta” strait tailgate, but after a LONG search and many months we found one!. It too was painted orange, I painted the white jeep letters, and then weathered the edges like it did the hood, so it looked like a older paint. Finally we built him a 90’s style pre-runner light bar for the front that he wanted to hold his Euro spec 10″ vintage Cibie Oscars. Those will be installed once its in Germany. What a cool J2000!! the 401 is a tire spinning fool, and all the suspension work, custom made steering, make it drive great! The too cool aluminum camper shell and bright orange paint is going to STAND OUT in Germany!!! I love it!

1981 Jeep Cherokee

Micah sent us his grandfathers 1981 Cherokee he inherited from The Chicago area. It was an amazing 26k mile original Jeep. However being from the Chicago area living in a damp garage, she had some rust issues on the frame and under body. His grandfather had coated the whole engine bay and under neath in a Tar like coating that actually kept the body rust free. The first task was removing all the tar like goo from everything, cleaning and sanding the frame, cleaning up and rebuilding the axles, and brakes, repainting the engine compartment in the original blue, we also fixed some “snow berm” dents in the lower rockers and repaint those. The Jeep still wears 90% of its original paint, we added a 2.5″ lift with some 31×10.50×15 BFG All terrains to the repainted factory wheels. We installed a Magnaflow exhaust, matching spare and we used most of the original interior because it was in such good shape, but tons of sound deaden-er everywhere. We added a Retro radio, 4 Polk Audi speaks and power sub woofer in the back. The motor got removed and complete reseal with new AMC blue paint, a Howell Fuel Injection, Davis Unified Distributor, modern AC components and more. What a sweet Low mileage Jeep!!! Micah flew into AZ with some buddies and road tripped the Jeep back to New Orleans where its new home is.

1943 Willys MB

Dougs 43 you can see further down on my web page, we Have done LOTS of work to it in the past. Doug sent us his Willys for some more work. He had a heck of a time finding people to do basic repairs in the LA area. He decided that once it was here to go ahead and rebuild both rear springs, Rebuild the transmission, transfercase, new clutch, add a Saturn Overdrive, Complete rewire, new front seats and canvas, add a rear seat (canvas had not shipped by the time I shot the pics), We also replaced the hacked up motor plate (had been cut for a 12volt alternator to fit). and made a custom bracket to mount a Altgen (12volt alternator, that looks like a generator), painted it OD green to match the motor. We also added lights to the dash as well as some other small things. The old girl runs and drives like a dream now.

1975 Cherokee S

Anthony reached out to me to help him find a black Cherokee. He really only wanted Black, Not always the easiest color to find in the Full Size Jeep world, after a few months, we were able to track down a good starter. She was all original but had LOTS of rust, We tore it down and began on a long journey of metal work and paint. We replaced most all of the passenger floor board, the front part of the drivers floor, partial pcs by the rear wheel well, couple of spots in rear cargo area, both lower inner and outer quarter panels, some odd spots like inside the tail light housings. Once all the Metal work was finished, we pulled the front clip and painted the inner fenders, resealed and detailed the engine block and all its pieces, Added a Howell Fuel Injection, Modern A/C components, headers and a Magnaflow exhaust. We also installed one of our shackle reversals in the front with a 2.5″ lift spring to fit some 31×10.50×15 tires on original polished wheels. Next was the black paint! close to 300 hours are in that paint job (inside and out), Epoxy coat, primer, sealer, LOTS AND LOTS of sanding, then 5 coats of factory black base coat (but modern) and 5-7 coats of clear then LOTS of wet sanding and buffing. But boy howdy she turned out to be a looker. A new set of repop stickers, repainted badges tie it all together! We also did a new carpet kit, a strait and not cracked dash pad, headliner and detailed the original door panels and seats as best we could. The upholstery was not in the budget after all that paint work. However he will have the seats redone soon. This Jeep has a really cool door panel insert if you look closely at the pics. This turned out to be a REALLY stunning Jeep. The paint is miles deep and runs and drives awesome. Thanks again Anthony, I hope its happy in the garage with the black JK and black suburban!

77 CJ7 Renegade Levis Edition

Catherine sent us her super clean low mileage 77 Renegade Levis edition for us to do a “refresh”, this Jeep belonged to her father and and has been sitting in a dry Arizona barn for years! Man when I saw this jeep I tried to get her to sell it to me….. but NO WAY! LOL and I don’t blame her. Its not often we see Jeeps as original and clean as this one. It came to us with some old lift kit, side pipes, faded orange paint and some gremlins. We cleaned it up, rebuilt the suspension, lowered it back to stock, all new bushings, some HD shackles, Pro Comp shocks, SS brake lines, new 31×10.50×15 BFG’s on just cleaned up factory wheels! wow. Added Howell Fuel injection, a Davis Unified Distributor, new hoses, boiled out radiator, fan shroud and more. We cleaned and painted the under side, freshened up the axles, new brake pads and a Magnaflow exhaust make it sound throaty but not too loud. She wanted to leave the front seats alone, so we did, we replaced the chrome dash center piece with the correct black, new pull knobs and dash lights, fixed some wiring gremlins and buffed and buffed the original orange back to life. I do love a preservation especially when the body is so strait and nice!! Thanks again Catherine, “IF” you ever wanna sell….. she would look great in my garage. ! What a great Jeep and thank you for the business.

1985 Jeep Laredo

1985 Jeep CJ7 Laredo was brought to us by Greg from Alaska. He purchased this Jeep new in 1985, in Alaska, used it while working on the pipe line. A snow plow had hit the the drivers rear quarter and hard door. The jeep was faded and weathered, kinda worn out but only had 63k original miles. So we tore it down, and had to replace the entire drivers quarter panel and hard door, multiple rust spot repairs on the floors (alaska and carpet), Complete repaint inside and out. We added a Howell Fuel Injection, Davis Unified Ignition, new clutch, freshened up the axles and trans and transfer case, brakes, all hoses, belts and more. Once the fresh coat of Copper Brown Metallic was laid down, we got new Laredo stickers, polished the factory wheels and texture coated the top of the hard doors. Had the seats recovered, new carpet, some new gauges and new “Laredo” badge on the glove box. All new poly suspension, Brake lines, shocks and more make this a GREAT driving Jeep. I do love the stock feel of a original Laredo. OH and that color combo is great!

1974 F-250 XLT Ranger

I have decided to sell one of my personal trucks to buy a LARGE piece of shop equipment we need to make the “jeep restoration” business move faster and easier. So this is a real “my loss, your gain” deal. These are VERY hard to find in this shape. The original owner REALLY loved this truck, as I do. So with a heavy heart… here it is.

First year of the Supercab, has the rare pop open rear vent windows. In 1974 the was the Nicest 2WD truck you could buy from Ford!! 119k original miles, original paint, original interior! Has a BUILT 460 with 428 DOVE heads, Harland Sharp Roller Rockers, Comp Cam, New Comp Cams dual Valve springs, MSD Distributor and 6AL ignition, Holley 750 Double pumper, Headers, Magnaflow exhaust, (Guessing less then 30k on motor). Dual electric fans, plus mechanical “flex-a-lite” fan. (I have a New original ford fan with new fan clutch painted and ready to be installed) BUILT C6 automatic, A/C, Tilt column conversion, Ford Sport steering wheel, Hella H4 conversion lights, Original Interior is in great shape. I have never removed front seat cover, rear in great shape, dash has cracks, but can be purchased online. Has mid 90’s F250 wheels, with decent tires, Has the U.9000 HD power disk brakes upfront, New radius arm bushings.

Truck is a legit POWER HOUSE! Will spin the tires freely and bark in every gear…..Second hits so hard under full throttle, it will hang out the back end. Has an ”open” rear with either the 3:73 or 4:10 gears. (have not verified) Runs and drives great, Thumbs up everywhere you go! Has rust in at the top of the rear wheel wells and tiny spots on the cab corners. Please look at the pics, This truck has a 45 year old paint job that has scratches and dents, some of the trim has dents, but it shines better than some new cars. Truck drives strait and true, has typ steering slop of that generation truck, A/C blows cold, may need a charge near summer. I drive this truck regularly, It will run down the highway at 80, but with a 3 speed auto she’s buzzin along pretty good. Around town, its fun to drive and give the racer kiddos a huge surprise at the stop light shenanigans…… A great buy and a AMAZING truck. my loss your gain, I need shop equipment and I dont wanna borrow money from the bank…. so its gotta go.

1952 M38-A1

1952 M38-A1 FOR SALE. I’ve Decided to sell my personal 52 M38-A1 to finance my wagoneer build. It has 51k original miles. I have had this for 6-8 years I think…. I believe i am the second owner (minus military). I purchased from a elderly gentleman’s family when he was in hospice. Still 24volt, all blackout lights work aside from drivers fender light, including the dash. This Jeep has the deep water fording kit (missing tail pipe extension and snorkel extension). New seat upholstery and custom bikini top made from genuine WWII canvas, husky overdrive (rare), rebuilt brakes, add-a-leaf in all 4 original springs, has kelsey hayes renegade 1 wheels with decent 33×10.50×15 bfgs. Rebuilt carb, rebuilt dual action fuel pump, new gas tank, pickup and sender and two new batterys (all within last 4 months) has rust on sides (note photos) floors solid but pass floor has typ crack. Some rust in battery box (has a plate over it) You can see all i have done, i painted everything i have touched with the correct simi OD green. The underside is in good shape, original and dirty, some of the “top hats” have rust, Everything underneath and the wheel wells are coated in a thick military under body type paint. Runs and drives pretty damn good, haven’t taken it very far yet. Planned on using it to run around this winter, Will cruise down the road 50+ mph. Previous owner had installed aftermarket turn lights on the fron and the rear. I removed those and use hand signals. Wires are still there if you wish to put your own on. FUN jeep to drive, however……. I really want to build my Wagoneer as a “here’s what I can do” kinda rig for my business. So……. breaks my heart but something has to give. Asking $6500.00 I have a white hard top also 850.00 will fit it. Or a grey bestop supertop for it $550.00 extra if you want. I can do rust repairs if you want on the sides for a fee. But i like it the way it is! She has awesome patina, original character splashed with a mild lift and wheels and tires. I only have one original 16″ wheel with ancient bar lug tire. Will include in the sale. Oh i have new dash plaques and mounting plate, will include in sale. Not installed yet. Originals were probably stolen during its long rest before i got it. More pics on request. Dont message me please! Text or call. 602.763.3505

1947 Willys Pickup

Jason picked up this `1947 Willys pickup “Restored” from an online seller. Once he had received the truck, he quickly realized that it was NOT any where near restored. He called me, and being a local guy, I went over to have a look. We discussed a plan and began the work to fix up some of the atrocities that were done to the truck. Once we started this process, we realized that we either do it the right way or leave it alone. Jason being a true car guy decided to give it the full restoration. With that plan change, we decided we needed to buy another 47 pickup to get a good cab, and a frame that did not have bondo in it. Once the donor truck was purchased, we worked on this truck for almost two years! Granted it got delayed in the fact that it survived through the building of, not only my first shop, but the second one also! It was a huge challenge, finding all the hard to find early truck parts that it was missing. But wow, it turned out great. We installed new floors, a new bed floor, patches just about everywhere. Painted it in Picket grey with Normandy blue wheels and top. We also painted the shocks Normandy blue. The interior is a bit custom, the seat was upholstered out of a couch blanket that the owners wife loved. We laminated the blanket for strength and upholstered the door and kick panels in marine grade blue vinyl. The truck was completely rewired with correct woven wire and converted to 12volts. Once the truck was completely detailed and assembled we had the pinstriper come out and stripe the “W” on the tailgate and matching grey stripes on the wheels. What a restoration! Thanks for your patience Jason, Please enjoy your amazing truck

1984 Jeep CJ7

Ron sent us this Jeep to restore and build for him. This Jeep has a special place in his heart, His father found this Jeep in a sad state. His dad put the Jeep back together and the family used it for many years to go on family trips and hunting adventures. Ron and his father bonded and spent father and son time in this CJ7. When Ron’s father passed away, Ron decided it was time to resurrect his dads jeep. He had sent the jeep to a guy who sprayed on the exterior bedliner and tore the Jeep apart and then neglected to put it back together. Thats where we came in……. Ron shipped us the Jeep and we began to make him and comfortable and reliable play and hunting rig. The motor had been previously rebuilt, so we added a Howell fuel injection, DUI ignition and wires, rebuilt both axles, all the brakes, added power brake booster, full poly suspension kit, and Procomp shocks. Complete rewire, carpet, modern A/C, new dash pulls and gauges, indicators, dash pad, Alpine stereo, memphis Audio speakers, Corbeau front seats were also installed. We had the rear seat sewn to match the fronts with material ordered from Corbeau and a Tuffy console and old school CB round out the interior goodies. Outside we installed procomp front bumper with a Bulldog 9500 lb winch, KC lights and tow bar. On the rear we did a Rockhard rear bumper tire carrier combo with 2 NATO cans and a firestick antenna. A garvin roof rackwith new flares and lights round out the exterior accessories. 31×15.50×15 cooper STT tires and Procomp wheels were the final touch on this awesome build. Ron spec’d out everything he wanted. This Jeep is now back in the hands of its Family. They are enjoying using it and remembering Harry and how much he enjoyed this CJ. Thanks again Ron, it was a pleasure building this family jeep for you!

1972 Jeep J4000

The Jeep Farm, LLC is VERY proud to offer this amazing 1972 Jeep J4000 Jeep pickup! It is a second owner truck, 6,000lbs gvw. 88,000 original miles. Custom cab. AMC 360 V8 and TH400 automatic. Dana 20 transfer case, Dana 60 rear with trac loc, Dana 44 front. Dual fuel tanks, 36 gallons total capacity. This truck is owned by a good customer of mine. 2 years ago I did complete floor pans, and painted the inside of the cab back to its original white. The interior still has its original seat, headliner and door panels. All the lights and gauges work, Oil and Amp lights work, including original AM radio. The original dash pad is warped and cracked. Extensive work done over the last year. Lots of new parts including a flowmaster exhaust, fuel tank, sender and lines, brake booster, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake lines, power steering pump, radiator and fan shroud, heater core, all rubber hoses and fluids. A brand new set of 31×10.50×15 BFG All Terrains are mounted on brand new white spoke rims. The tires have 1,000 miles on them. This is one Awesome original truck! The Blue portion of the truck seems to have been repainted at some point in its life. The truck came with an old camper top that had its own rear door, so as you can see in the pics, the tailgate is near new!! There are some small rust holes in the rear bed corners, and some bubbling at the front fender flare. The white exterior portions are original. There are dents and scratches in the hood, again please look at the pics. The tail lights, back up lights and turn indicators are all new. This is a RARE and largely original truck, and a rare opportunity to own it….

I am consigning this truck for a customer of mine that has a few Jeeps and are Jeep people. He and his family love this truck, and have put a lot of love into this truck. I have worked on this truck and have personally driven it. The motor is strong and trans shifts firm. The exhaust sounds great but not too loud. The suspension is firm, but that is too be expected of this generation of Jeep work horses. This is a VERY neat truck with a great color combo. The prices on early J-truck are climbing and if you have ever wished to own one…. now is the time.

Asking $11,500.00 Will be posting on ebay within the next week. If interested please contact me. I have the title in hand. The payment will be done through me. Direct deposit, cash or bank check. If sending a bank check will need 7 working days to clear. Once money has cleared my account, I will fed-ex the open and clear title to you. I can help arrange shipping. Please contact Michael at Priority Auto Relocations (bottom of main page of my website). he can get you a quote. Shipping payment is up to the buyer. Once payment has cleared the Jeep can be shipped or picked up. The Jeep Farm, LLC offers NO warranty, neither does the owner. This is a 46 year old original Jeep. No warranty is implied or expressed. If you wish to buy this jeep and drive it home, that is up to you. Please don’t ask me “if it will make it to, XXX” I wont answer. If you have never owned a classic Jeep, please read “Buying a classic Jeep”. Thank you for looking, any questions or offers, please contact me directly. Again I am not a dealer, I only sell Jeeps that I personally own and have driven and worked on. please call with questions 602.763.3505 Thank you.

1984 Jeep CJ7 Renegade

FOR SALE The Jeep Farm, LLC is proud to offer this Root Beer brown Renegade for sale. We are consigning this Jeep for good customer of ours. This CJ is from New Mexico and wears a nice Root Beer Brown repaint with replacement renegade stickers. The Jeep originally had A/C however the under dash portion is gone. The nutmeg interior has seat covers over original seats. The fronts are ripped as well as the back seat. A CD player and nice speakers round out the inside. The original hard top is also included. However a wind storm (thanks Arizona) flipped it over and it has repairable damage. The suspension is a 2.5″ lift kit with Rancho shocks and HD shackles. Brand NEW 32×11.50×15 Goodyear MTR’s are mounted on stock wheels. The spare is a older BFG on stock wheel and a “jamboree rack” for holding your cooler. The front has a BRAND NEW Bulldog 9500lb winch and KC lights. Over the last couple of years we have done LOTS of work to this CJ. We rebuilt the axles with “motive” 4:10 gears, rebuilt posi trac and one piece axle shafts in the rear and front gears to match. All new bearings and seals were done in the rebuild. We also installed a Weber carb, HEI ignition, aluminum radiator and high end electric fan to make it run better and cooler in the AZ heat. The transfer case being painted silver, the way the motor runs and how clean it is, leads me to believe that it could have been rebuilt or just removed and painted when a clutch was done. No proof to this but the Jeep runs very strong and the 5 speed shifts well. This Jeep has been used off road for fun and hunting. It has scratches and dings. The drivers fender and hood was replaced at some point in life (the inside is black, not brown). Included is an older Bestop super top, the windows are scratched and foggy in places. The front floors are the worst part. Previous owner installed a insulated rubberized floor mat in the Jeep. This is a BIG NO NO…This caused the front floor boards to rust. The passenger floor board has pin holes in it, the drivers side needs a floor pan replacement. The floor is solid under the base of the roll bar footings as best I can tell. Here at the Farm we do floor replacement all the time. If you wish I can quote you the repairs and handle them here. Once done we can also paint the floors the original color, or do a color matched bedliner in Brown or Nutmeg. Aside from the floors, this is a very nice running and driving Jeep. Asking $12,500.00 Will be posting on ebay and Sellajeep.com Within next two weeks. If interested please contact me. There is a clean and clear Arizona title. The payment will be done through me. Direct deposit, cash or bank check. If sending a bank check will need 7 working days to clear. Once money has cleared my account, I will fed-ex the open and clear title to you. I can help arrange shipping. Please contact Michael at Priority Auto Relocations (bottom of main page). he can get you a quote. Shipping payment is up to the buyer. Once payment has cleared the Jeep can be shipped or picked up. The Jeep Farm, LLC offers NO warranty, neither does the owner. This is a 34 year old original Jeep. No warranty is implied or expressed. If you wish to buy this jeep and drive it home, that is up to you. Please don’t ask me “if it will make it to, XXX” I wont answer. If you have never owned a classic Jeep, please read “Buying a classic Jeep” on my site. Thank you for looking, any questions or offers, please contact me directly.

1984 Jeep CJ7 Laredo

1984 Jeep CJ7 Laredo. The Jeep Farm is proud to offer this unrestored, original paint Laredo. This jeep belongs to a customer of mine and she needs to sell it to put daughter in college. Last year (less than 500 miles ago) I put a brand new 258 6 cyl motor in it, completely cleaned and painted the engine compartment and added all new hoses, belts, wires, plugs and more. The Jeep also has a Howell Fuel Injection on it. This highly optioned CJ is equipped with and automatic transmission and dana 300 transfercase, factory A/C and hard top with bronze tinted windows.. The Jeep still wears its original paint and stickers, the hardtop seems to have been damaged at some point and has been fiber glassed, smoothed and repainted. The tub is 90% rust free and only has surface rust on front floor boards and around base of roll bar. Seems Jeeps with factory A/C and carpet always suffer from this, even original AZ Jeeps. The factory Laredo front seats are gone as is the factory carpet. There are some correct color, older aftermarket seats in front. The original rear seat is in the Jeep. (I can sand and repaint floors in original white for $1300.00, or do a Nutmeg colored bedliner in the Jeep for $750.00 if you wish, before the Jeep ships). The underneath of the Jeep is very clean and has the original dana 30 front and 20 rear with a 3″ lift kit and 33×12.50×15 Dick Cepek Fun countries on factory wheels. The spare has never been used. A previous owner has fabricated a tow bar mount under the factory front chrome bumper (we do not have the tow bar) and a 2″ receiver hitch on rear. The previous owner also replaced the speedo and tach at some point, so the mileage on the odometer is somewhere near 500 miles. When my customer titled the Jeep, AZ DMV titled it as 400 miles. SO ITS BRAND NEW!!! I am only kidding!!! original mileage is unknown, but seems by condition of Jeep, to be low. The Owner is also including a fitted car cover, 2″ receiver hitch with ball, a Chiltons Manual, Folder with all receipts, a CB radio, Bottle Jack and bin of spare parts. I have personally worked on this Jeep and driven it. It drives very nice, engine is strong and fuel injection is perfect. With the automatic, it is not a rocket ship, but has plenty of power. The tires have plenty of tread left, but are older and getting hard, and the steering box has the usual cj play in it. (this too can be fixed before shipping for $450.00, includes a professional rebuild with a variable ratio gear installed. NOT a parts store rebuild) Aside from those simple things, she is a tight and strong CJ. Asking $17,500.00 Will be posting on ebay and Sellajeep.com Within next two weeks. If interested please contact me. I have the title in hand. The payment will be done through me. Direct deposit, cash or bank check. If sending a bank check will need 7 working days to clear. Once money has cleared my account, I will fed-ex the open and clear title to you. I can help arrange shipping. Please contact Michael at Priority Auto Relocations (bottom of main page). he can get you a quote. Shipping payment is up to the buyer. Once payment has cleared the Jeep can be shipped or picked up. The Jeep Farm, LLC offers NO warranty, neither does the owner. This is a 34 year old original Jeep. No warranty is implies or expressed. If you wish to buy this jeep and drive it home, that is up to you. Please don’t ask me “if it will make it to, XXX” I wont answer. If you have never owned a classic Jeep, please read “Buying a classic Jeep” on my site. Thank you for looking, any questions or offers, please contact me directly.

1950 M38

1950 M38 Military Jeep. Art is a local and brings in his jeep once or twice a year for bits and pieces.The work that we have done in the past consists of, suspension work, brakes, rebuilt steering, rebuilt parking brake, clutch and flywheel. Pressure wash and paint transmission and transfer case. Hand bent all the lines for the vacuum for wipers, axle bearings and TONS more. This past go around was probably the largest with full paint and detail on everything other than the motor. He will be back for that probably later in the year. One of the cool things we found was the numbers on the rear bumper. We found those while sanding the Jeep for paint. We duplicated what we found, albeit having no idea what they mean! Art loves to take his jeep in parades and to shows. This is not a nut and bolt restoration or even M38 “perfect” but it is the way he wants it, and it is a beautiful Jeep. We are happy to work on it for him and help bring back a piece of American history.


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1973 Hot Rod CJ Renegade

David sent us, this way awesome 73 CJ Renegade to build for him. He was the original owner of this CJ, lost it for a while and was able to buy it back. This complete nut and bolt, high performance Hot Rod CJ build was a blast! Starting with a clean 73 with a small block chevy conversion, we tore it down to the frame. Knowing he wanted a healthy motor in it, we Boxed the frame with dimple died panels and plated the outside of the frame with panels. We then converted the front axle to disk brakes using a 83 cj axle as a donor, used a SSBC disk brake kit for the rear Dana 44. Pulled the bearings and gears and freshened the original 4:10’s with new parts. David and I had talked about motors here and there. But when it came time to pull the trigger, boy he did! We purchased a Blue Print Racing Engines built, alum headed 383 small block. 400 HP and 420 FT LB monster goes into a Super T-10 4 spd (that was in the jeep) and the original dana 20 transfer case. Controlling this monster is a FiTech fuel injection with a “tanks, Inc” in tank pump. Edelbrock valve covers and air cleaner, with a “near chrome” powder coated intake and fan give it that show car gleam. The Hooker fender well headers were reused and powder coated in black with custom Magnaflow side pipes. The light weight Enkei wheels he had purchased in his youth were still on the Jeep, so we polished them and mounted a set of 33×12.50×15 BFG All Terrains. Around back we custom made a tire carrier/rear bumper combo with another BFG and not having a 5th Enkie, we used an American racing wheel to finish it off. The body was for the most part clean and nice. We had to re-do the front body mounts on the tub as they had collapsed like most CJ’s from that era. The tub was sent off to have it sprayed in 2005 Dodge Patriot Blue. We did a color matched bed-liner on the bottom of the tub and on the floors. The old dash had been cut up for radios and speakers, so we filled all the holes with metal and had it sprayed at the same time. A custom polished tilt column with a LeCarra wheel is hooked to custom linkage and a rebuilt variable ratio steering box. Power disk brake booster controls the 4 wheels disk brakes with all custom bent lines and a Wilwood proportioning valve. The interior had older Steel Horse seats and the original rear seat that we recovered in modern JK materials. We also covered the rollcage and the original Renegade dash pad in the same material. Rounding out this build is a complete new wire harness, custom center console with a round marine radio and Autometer gauges. This was a FUN build, and this Jeep is a hand full. It is Sooooo Fast and sounds rowdy!… and a BEAUTIFUL CJ.

1943 Willys MB

This super cool 43 MB came to us from California. Doug purchased this Jeep and it was titled as a CJ3a (I think). Once we got it here I quickly realized that it was in fact an original military MB. The body was a replaced with a re-pop tub at some point in its life. Doug was thrilled to find this out (he loves military paraphernalia). He had us do a number of things to make it mostly “correct” without going to crazy. He did not want us to paint it, He did that himself once it got back to California. The project scope was to get her running, driving and stopping like it should. We also fully detailed the engine compartment, Painting the motor firewall and more. We re-loomed existing wires and did as much as we could without going over the top on budget. Its kinda a mix of military and civilian. We also installed new gauges, switches and more. One of the bigger tasks was to cut the side out of the jeep and replace the side panels with the correct style that has the shovel and axe cut outs. This kinda snowballed into removing part of the flat floor and putting in the correct style floor with the cut out and correct low sump style tank. You can see what we di by the NEW paint. We installed the shovel and axe, gas tank, sending unit, and added the missing tool box under the passenger seat. Going with the military theme, we cut and installed the correct black out lights but re-wired them to use standard 12v bulbs. We also rebuilt the brakes, resealed the axles and completely painted the under side in OD green. This was a fun build. and The owner finished up the OD green paint with, correct hood numbers and more. Doug now proudly Drives his Willys in parades and on the streats of LA much to the discomfort of the LAPD.

1969 Prairie Gold Wagoneer

I found this wagoneer and purchased it off of its original owner in Northern Arizona. After owning it for a while Tim and Alicia contacted me and were looking for a first gen Wagoneer to add to their collection of Jeeps. They purchased this from me and we began a year long restoration. The Jeep had not been on the road or ran since 1989. Due to rust, It needed most of the floors and rear quarters. We installed all new sheet metal, then treated the rest of the Jeep to a rust dissolver . Once this was done, we sent it in to the paint shop to be completely sprayed inside and out in Modern base/clear PPG paint mixed to match the “prairie gold” factory color. Since there are no after market lift kits available for the first Gen wags and the owner had some concern about the “post style” spring mounts, we welded on all new spring hangers along with late model Wagoneer springs. We used a Superlift 2.5″ front lift spring and late model rear springs with a nice overload and a hanging (shackle flip style) rear shackle. Old Man Emu shocks round out the suspension with a set of 31×10.5×15 BFG’s on stock wheels with stock hubcaps. While underneath the Jeep we built a custom 38 gal fuel tank and skid plate, added a original “jeep” class 3 receiver hitch, All new brake lines and a all new Magnaflow Muffler and exhaust system. With the body freshly painted we installed a new windshield, all new window felts and tracks, new rear quarter rubber, door seal rubber, body mounts and more. The interior was originally a pewter color, The owner wanted that changed to black. So we repainted the Dash board, Converted the front from bench to bucket by using set of 70’s Wagoneer buckets seats, and upholstering them to look older. Using mostly marine grade vinyl with modern yet old looking insert material we made it durable yet stylish with a 60’s vibe interior. Not quite done yet, we added custom matching door panels, a custom headliner .and new carpet kit with a rubber rear cargo area matt. Mass amounts of sound deadener and custom rear quarter inserts with a light, 12V outlet and hidden compartment. finish up the interior. We also installed a Retro Radio and modern A/C parts to work with the vintage under dash unit. A complete new Wire harness and modern fuse box was installed, re-using all the original switches and plugs, and a 180amp 1 wire alternator. I am sure there is more that I am forgetting, This was a year long major build. BUT MAN AINT SHE PURTY! Tim and Alicia did not have us do anything to the original Buck 350, axles or the 3 on the tree trans. Tim is a Diesel guy and does his own swaps, so he will be putting a 4BT Cummins, ZF 6 spd trans and JK axles. He is planning on some 17″ wheels with dog dish hub caps to round out the build. Man she is gonna be sweet when he is done.


Customer supplied custom build. Lance contacted us to paint and clean up his 76 cj7. This project turned into a complete restoration and customization. Starting with a very rough 76 cj7. We removed the tub and installed a YJ tub, New front fenders, new tailgate, new YJ hardtop and yj doors and even a new (used) dashboard. Coating the entire jeep outside, underneath and both sides of every panel! in a Kevlar based bedliner wit tan automotive paint over the top. We reinstalled the new body parts over a cleaned and repainted frame. New spring over steering, new 4:56 gears with front and rear lockers. RS7000 shocks, new 35” cooper STT Pro mud tires on 15×10 Fuel wheels. Pro Comp front and rear bumpers and a bulldog winch, LED lights, synthetic winch line, Fabricated in house rollcage. Also installed, New seats, steering wheel, stereo, CB, and racing seat belts. The swapped in 305 chevy was replaced with a 290 horse crate motor, Zoom racing clutch, HEI ignition, A power brake upgrade and more. We replaced everything on this jeep other then the frame, hood, grill and windshield frame. Otherwise we replaced everything!!!

1966 CJ5

Customer supplied repair and restoration. Linda contacted us looking to have some work done on her father in laws 66 CJ5. This 34k original mile Jeep had sat for many years and needed the heads rebuilt and head gaskets as well as some overall love. We discussed a budget and started to work. Rebuilding the heads with hardened seals, we also cleaned and detailed the engine compartment, painting the block and ancillary items. Linda originally wanted the Jeep painted, but we discussed the rare and cool factor of the original paint. So onc e she was convinced, we buffed the original paint back to life and sprayed in a color matched bedliner inside the tub. New seats and a later model rollbar were installed. We painted the front floor pans in gloss black and professionally cleaned the gas tank and painted that with a new sender. Once the underneath was pressure washed we painted the underside. Once the underside was cleaned up we painted the shocks in the original presidential as well as the gas can holders. Few more small issues were repaired and now back in the hands of loving family.

1986 CJ7 Laredo

1986 CJ7 Laredo, Owned by Subash, he sent us the Jeep to have a budget oriented “mostly” cosmetic restoration done. This Jeep arrived with a 3″ body lift, lots of aftermarket chrome a set of 33″ tires some bad floor rust issues and a old Maaco paint job. Working within the budget we wet sanded and buffed the older Maaco paintjob, Added new Laredo stickers, removed the body lift, putting it back to factory height with polyurethane body mounts. We also replaced the spring bushings with polyurethane with a set of HD shackles, and new shocks. We cut out and replaced the rusty areas and sprayed the interior in Black bedliner. Reupholstered portions of all three seats while utilizing the factory silver seat stripes. Removed the chrome dash center piece and installed a correct black plastic one with all new vent/def/fan pull knobs and function indicators. With the removal of the body lift we put on the factory correct size and style Goodyear tires, polished the wheels, found a good wheel for the spare, and added new lug nuts to give it that new shine. Repair of the window regulators with new felts and window cranks. Removeing the aftermarket tube steps, chrome brush guard and all the chrome hinges and replaced with factory style parts, gave the Jeep that stock look we were going for. Only using quality materials like pro base factory black with high end clear paint. A new Stainless Steel front bumper was added to finish off that factory look. A tune up, oil change and recharge of the A/C rounded out our budget restoration of this very rare Laredo with automatic, A/C, ad the coveted Dana 44 rear.

1973 Jaguar XJ6 Series 1

The Jeep Farm, LLC is proud to offer this amazing 1973 Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 for sale. With only 76K original miles!!! This rare garage find was owned by famous western artist Thomas Lorimer. After he passed away I purchased this car from his estate. It had been sitting since the mid 80’s covered in yellow and pink bath towels and cardboard. It even had “high society” bias ply white walls on it. After purchasing it, I had the power steering rack professionally rebuilt with life time warranty, installed new tie rods, new ball joints and a professional alignment. It has the factory Girling shocks and is VERY clean underneath. I also removed the factory coil spacers to lower the front 1″ and give it the appropriate stance. This beautiful Greensand beige Jag is a Arizona original that had a professional 350 chevy installed in the mid 80’s by a company in California (the name escapes me, but there is a tag in the engine compartment) The 1978 block has impala brackets with PS pump brackets A/C compressor and other items. It also has a cast 4 BBL intake with a quadrajet. The block and distributor and ram exhaust manifolds are all 80’s Corvette. The TH350 shifts and acts like it should. The motor and trans are believed to have less than 30k miles on them. (information via Thomas’s best friend that helped me when I purchased the car) The car has plenty of power and drives strait and true nice and smooth like a jag! . it has dual exhaust that is older with 2 mufflers and two resonators. It is VERY quiet. I also added 4 brand new 235/60/15 BFG radials that have less than 500 miles on them and the spare is a used radial tire. (the fatter BFG’s don’t fit as a spare, causes the trunk floor not to sit flat) The body is completely rust free and has had one repaint in its life. There is a small portion of paint missing under the drivers wiper. Please look at pictures. Otherwise it ha a beautiful shine and next to no chips or scratches. The chrome and brightwork is amazing. I found online the 7″ euro headlights and buckets and installed them on the car to make it look “right” The original 4″ outer lights and buckets and chrome are included with the sale. There is also New grommets for the side marker lights and tail lights included with the sale. The interior is all original and in amazing shape. The drivers seat has some fading in the seat area and there is a small 1/2″ tear in the passenger seat that is hard to see. Door panels are great as is the carpet. The headliner is the only place showing wear. Again look at the pics. It has a few bubbles in the headliner and there is staining and its falling apart around window. I tried cleaning it, but it just falls apart. Also included is a new rubber grommet for the rear window. It does not leak, don’t understand why there is water seepage? washed car many times and no seepage. Part of the weather striping is on back order from Welsch Jaguar. Will send as soon as it arrives. The visors are sagging and could stand being redone. The speedo works as does the tach, however the tachometer reads incorrectly as it is set up for a 6 cyl. Does not overheat at all, great oil pressure. The stock radio works but seems to be getting interference from the ignition. can only be heard when starting car. I installed new window motors in the front windows and they go up and down great, the rears are working as they should. I also had the windows professionally tinted (it is Arizona after all). really helps cool the car down. The A/C compressor clicks on, but I have yet to put Freon in it. All lights, turn signals, hazards interior lights work. The drivers door is the only door that wont actuate the interior lights.The fuel gauge does not work. Included with the car are two later model jag gas tanks, two new fuel senders and gaskets. I was going to do a EZ-EFI or FAST FUEL style fuel injection on the car. You have to have the later tank with the return lines in order to make this swap. The plus for the fuel gauge is in the trunk by the spare and needs to be hooked up when installing the new senders. I purchased it like this. The Wood is in VERY nice shape as is all the interior chrome. I installed a VERY rare Nardi wheel with a adjustable Mark 2 and series 1 adaptor. The original steering wheel is included with the car. (if you wish to have the original and not the Nardi, I will give you a discount so I can keep my Nardi) The trunk has been professionally re-stitched in tan leatherette, with custom sides and panels under the trunk lid. New gas tank vents and all wood over spare compartment is all in amazing shape. This is REALLY an amazing find. I hate to sell it as I love Jags and have restored a few in the past. I know I normally do Jeeps, but I have a soft spot for Jags. I purchase it because of the cool color and I always wanted a car built the same year as me. She runs and drives great! Super cool color and the chrome is amazing! With the fatter BFG’s and v8 it handles very well and is fun to drive. You will not be disappointed with this car!!

2001 Jeep TJ

2001 Stone White TJ. 4 cyl, 5 spd has never been offroad, Bought this little TJ was bone stock, owned by a 25 year old girl. had a small front end collision, grill, one fender hood, no frame damage and good airbags. I did the repairs added a 2″ tera flex lift, new Rancho (rock crawler) , shocks. (yes they make longer travel TJ shocks) New Steering stabilizer, 5 new US Wheel “smoothies” painted the body color “Stone White”, some 33×12.50×15 BFG’s a 31″ spare, New Bulldog winch front bumper, Bulldog Winch 8k “Bronc” winch with synthetic winch line, New Rocker guards, Optima Yellow top, Throttle body spacer, Air Raid intake. The fender, grill are OEM mopar parts, the hood is a Certa Fit replacement. NEW radiator, A/C is cold, CD player etc. GREAT running Jeep, Drives awesome, Sold here in Arizona. Very nice TJ

1985 CJ7

Custom built to owners specifications. Brandon contacted me looking to have a CJ built for him. We came up with a budget and began the process of finding a good starter jeep. A 1985 CJ was found, 90% rust free and had a 6 cyl and a T-176 4 spd that I knew would hold up to the V8 he wanted installed. Once the Jeep was stripped down to bare metal, we removed and repaired all the rust spots and straitened some of the sheet metal, while still maintaining the original CJ spot welds and character that proves to real jeep owners that “this jeep is original”. Brandon choose a 1985 AMC Dark Midnight Blue. Once the engine compartment was sprayed we installed a AMC 360 that we found on craigslist. It had recently had a cam, timing chain and head work done. Being this was the only way to get a V8 within budget. We swapped it in. Brandon wanted a motor he could show at car shows and header and side pipes were a MUST! Well I DO LOVE side pipes, So I happily installed them. We finished painting the body, installed Rock Corners, a 2.5″ lift kit with .5″ lift shackles and new pro comp shocks. New 33×12.50×15 BFG All Terrains on Eagle 589 Wheels. We also Painted the underneath in high temp black. A new gas tank and sender was installed along with the under side work. The floor pans were rhino lined in black and all new Dash pulls, indicators, shift knobs, boots etc. Brandon wanted a hard to find interior color, nutmeg. We found front and rear seats in this color but nothing else. I had a custom vinyl paint made up to match and sprayed some “spice colored” center console, visors, dash pad, speaker pods, grab bar and the YJ door panels. Once all together the Jeep turned out amazing. Fully detailed, Super strong, sounds amazing and drives great. I firmly believe that we removed 95% of all the bolts in this Jeep. Dang near a nut and bolt. Build time was a little over 2 months. Custom built per owners specs, and only slightly over budget! LOL Just Empty Every Pocket Thanks Brandon and enjoy your Jeep. I would be happy to have this one in my garage.

1978 Jeep CJ7 Golden Eagle

I restored this CJ7 a while back. Pictures kinda got lost in the Jeep Farm archives. Its a original golden eagle V8, automatic, quadratrac. I drove this for a couple of years before selling it. I did a 2.5″ lift kit, 33×12.50×15 BFG All Terrains on some rare Ansen Mag Wheels I found at a swap meet. It was a very nice driver, new gauges and a LeCarra steering wheel PS and PB Jeep. It had a older tan paint job that I buffed out and reinstalled new Golden Eagle stickers on. Honestly I cant remember much beyond that. It did have a nice Magnaflow exhaust on it.

1976 Wagoneer

The Jeep Farm, LLC is proud to have just SOLD this amazing Southern California, 52k original mile survivor, 1976 Jeep Wagoneer for sale. This beautiful Pewter Grey with Ocean Blue interior Jeep was a one owner Jeep until the original owners passed away.  It was then given to the son-in-law who showed no interest in it. It sat mostly unused for many, many years, only being started and moved when access to the back yard was needed. I purchased this 100% rust free gem from the son-in-law. It was badly faded but an original survivor, even had two of the original white wall tires on it! The body was very strait and 100% rust free. It was striped of everything aside from the windows and was primered and sealed with a 2k sealer then sprayed with a premium base plus clear paint in a professional spray booth. Once all the color sanding and buffing was finished (plus my arms), it received new 3M wood grain. All of the chrome and stainless trim was polished and put back on. The chrome is in amazing shape, and the trim is very nice with a few dings on the pieces around the wood grain (please look at the pics). The grill is in very nice shape with only the passenger headlight bezel having a dent in it. I am looking for a new one now. If it does sell before I find one, they do pop up on ebay regularly.  The sealed beam headlights were also replaced with Hella H4 Euro headlights. I run these on all my Jeeps. It really makes a huge difference in night driving. The Ocean Blue interior is largely original. I did replace the carpet with new ACC carpet with custom floor mats that say “Jeep”. I also redid the headliner with new material. The dash and door panels are all original and in amazing shape. The AM/FM radio works great, all interior lights work, wipers, heater, fan, turn signals, back up lights, tailgate switch works. I have not checked the cruise control. I had the A/C professionally charged and works great, blows COLD air. The seats are also all original blue plaid. They are in wonderful shape with only the drivers area showing some wear. (again please look at the pics). The rear cargo area panels are also in great shape, the aluminum strips have been cleaned up and the original jack and parts are included with their original bag! The Underneath is 100% rust free. The frame and axles have been painted in high heat black. A brand new 3″ lift kit was installed, with 4 brand new Rancho Shocks and a new Ranch steering stabilizer. New U bolts and bushings were also installed. I added 4 original Jeep 5 slot mags (the Jeep originally had hubcaps) and polished them up with very nice center caps. There is also 4 brand new 31×10.50×15 BFG All Terrains with less than 100 miles on them. The spare wheel has been repainted and wears a very nice, but used 31′ BFG All Terrain also. A 52k original mile 401V8 lurks under the hood. The factory 4BBL has been professionally rebuilt. I also replaced the thermostat and hoses, basic tune up, oil change etc. There is also a new battery and under hood liner. The engine compartment only needed a basic pressure washing, its very original and clean. The previous owner added a secondary ignition box behind the grill with a quick disconnect next to the battery. I have never seen this done and is a great idea. If you have ever owned a Jeep with the Autolite ignition, you understand and are chuckling. This is a great idea, and you will never be stranded. I have tested them both, and they work. The engine runs great, no smoke, has only a very small leak from the drivers valve cover and the rear main does leave a drip on the driveway. I had a brand new 2.5″ exhaust installed from the manifolds back, using a Magnaflow muffler. It sounds awesome!!! nice deep rumble but quiet on the roads. I have installed this on may Wagoneers and on my personal Waggoneer. I LOVE THE SOUND! if your going to get 8 MPG you might as well HEAR IT!!! When you step on “the stupid pedal” passing someone, they will know your wagg does not have the 360… only a 401 makes this sound!!!! Overall this is a extremely nice Jeep. Runs and drives great, Plenty of power, beautiful paint and a SUPER COOL interior. Pewter Grey with a blue interior! YES! this is not your white bubble car with a tan interior, this is COOL! Cruise this Jeep, go camping, make your neighbors soooo jealous, if they aren’t…. rev that 401 with that GROWL! they will go back inside. LOL

1977 Cherokee Chief

The Jeep Farm, LLC is proud to have just SOLD this sympathetic restoration of a 1977 Jeep Cherokee Chief. Russet Metallic Red, Factory 401, th400, quadratrac, A/C, PS, PB, power rear window with defrost, Class II receiver hitch, Factory option Ramsey 8k winch and bumper, and factory option 3:54 gears with MANY extras. Previous owners loved this Jeep! the 401 was rebuilt at some point. Mileage on motor is unkown, The Jeep has 165k total, but was towed behind a RV for many years (towing harness incl). The VERY strong 401 has Edelbrock 4 BBL carb, HD batt cables, new coil, wires, plugs, battery etc. All emissions equip is present including catalytic converter (and sticker above drivers visor) Runs like a champ, very strong and honestly the fastest FSJ I have had to date! The th400 was rebuilt also with a deep pan and shift kit. it has a HD cooler in front of radiator with dual electric fans to help move air. She has custom made springs with rears having 8 leaves, front dual shock hoops, with 6 new Rancho shocks and new steering stabilizer. Dual gas tanks with the selector on drivers floor(under floor matt), Swing out spare tire carrier that can latch onto the side of the jeep if you are carrying a load with tailgate down, 4 Brand new (50 miles) 33×12.50×15 BFG All Terrains on powder coated factory wheels (not painted) The spare is a 33×10.50×15 Brand new also (I decided to go with a thinner tire, height is the same) has 4 very nice wheel centers with some minor pitting. Hella H4 Headlight Conversion and New Winch Cable and hook. The interior has brand new carpet, new custom floor matts, New headliner, Seats have only been redone where needed. New door seals, new window seals, new tailgate seal and window seals. power rear window works as it should, all gauges work, turn signals and wipers work as they should. Dash and bezels are in amazing shape. The A/C blows but, compressor doesn’t click on. Probably low on Freon. All A/C hoses are newer as is dryer and condenser. The Dashboard is perfect! no cracks, ash tray has never even been used. Gauges all work, has Old school 2 post tape player that works. 6×9 door speakers and 6″ round rear speakers (not working). The rear window defrost does not work, strips in glass are worn. The under dash A/C unit is missing the section that goes under the column (keep an eye on ebay, they do show up forsale). Otherwise perfect interior. The body is 95% rust free. It has had one repaint in its original color at some point in its life. I redid the black portions and stickers and buffed the heck out of it. There was some rust in the rear flares (lower tips only) and floors that I could tell have been repaired in the past. (not much at all). You cant even see any areas from underneath. I sanded any pitting on floors, coated in “rust dissolver”  then painted with a sealer paint. I also lined the cab areas with high end sound deadener. The paint shines very well. However not perfect. Has chips and scratches. There is a long scratch down drivers door (look at pics) and a stress area with chips on pass rear quarter. I am sure from the stress of the tire carrier (again look at pics). I have made a reinforcement plate for the latch area on tailgate (look at pics) and the lower hinge also needs a internal reinforcement plate made. There is “checking” on the roof  and a spot on the hood, scratches and chips. Looks amazing till your right up on it.  The doors seem to stick out a bit at the bottom, this is due to BRAND NEW door seals. Once they compress a bit the doors will sit flush (I promise….Well Jeep flush….so pretty close..lol) This is a rare highly optioned Cherokee Chief! and a rare opportunity to own it. The 401 sounds healthy, no smoke or issues, runs SUPER strong and truly faster than any FSJ’s I have had…..and Ive owned a few…. The trans shifts strong and drives strait and true. Brakes, steering, cooling all work as they should. Awesome color and seat patterns.

1967 Kaiser CJ5

WOW! Where do I start? Frame off resto. 22k original mile jeep. Arizona native jeep. Found with original paint and tailgate stencil! look at pics. 225 dauntless V6, 3 spd. and dana 18 Transfercase. Axles rebuilt, locking hubs, New everything. New wiring, Brakes rebuilt poly body bushings. Body stripped to bare metal and repainted the original color “glacier White” with “presidential Red” wheels. 4 Brand new 6.00×16″ tires with an original Dunlop spare. Restored wheels, restored speedometer. New stickers, New winshield Glass. all new all new. AMAZING Jeep. The V6 has tons of power and drives strait and turns heads. A true collectors dream.

1978 Jeep Cherokee S

96k original mile Arizona Jeep. Found in northern Arizona ALL original paint. New Cherokee tribal stickers. New carpet and headliner. Seats were all original. Rebuilt in-house 360, Eldebrock intake and carb, TH400 and quadratrac. Detailed engine compartment. Original NOS stickers for engine. 3″ lift 31″ tires on factory restored wheels. 1.5″ wheelspacers to give it a wider track. All new lenses and interior light covers. Amazing Jeep sold to new owner in Belgium. A true piece of Americana.

1979 Renegade Levis Edition

True Arizona survivor. Wedgewood Blue, One of the Highest Optioned 79 CJ’s I have ever seen. Dealer Installed Warn 8274 Winch with AMC Logo on top with a NEW synthetic Winch Rope. Factory Side steps, Clock, Tach, Tilt, Power Brakes and power steering. Was even an original A/C Jeep. (however all components are gone). Originally had LEVI blue denim interior, Sadly that’s gone also. BUT very nice and newer grey highbacks and custom carpet. NEW grey dash pad and visors. A very strong 304 V8 , 4BBL with edelbrock intake, rebuilt TH400 (less than 500 Miles) Trans Go shift kit and new torque converter. Quadratrac with NEW part time kit. Superior one piece axles, rear POSI, New locking Hubs. NEW 2.5″ Rancho lift Kit. New Shackles, New RS9000 Adjustable shocks, NEW steering stabilizer. Alpine CD player and Alpine 6×9 speakers. BRAND NEW (less than 500 miles)33×12.5×15 BFG All Terrains (5) and BRAND NEW Pro Comp 15×10 White wagon wheels (5). NEW fender flares and windshield gaskets. Hooker side exit headers and Turbo Mufflers. Sounds so 70’s. BUT quiet unless you put the throttle down Then she sounds MEAN…. This jeep was wonderfully maintained by previous owner. All original Paint and stickers. ABSOLUTELY NO RUST!!! And super strait body. Stickers are faded and the paint is thin in areas but shines great and has that perfect patina. Nice white hard top and doors. Also Included is a bikini top. This Jeep is one of the most amazing ones I have ever had. Drives 70mph strait as an arrow (hard to believe but true) rides great and one of the most rattle and squeek free jeeps I have ever owned. . .. Plenty of pep in the V8 and that soooo cool vintage look of the white wheels and white letter tires with the white hardtop and that side pipe sound!!! A Truly wonderful Jeep.

1979 Jeep Wagoneer

Built 360 with RV cam. Eldebrock intake and 4BBL. Aluminum radiator. Mile Marker part-time kit in Quadratrac with 18% overdrive. Full-length headers. 3-inch exhaust. Magnaflow muffler. 4-inch BJ’s off road lift-kit. SS brake lines. Restored wheels. 31-inch GeoLander tires. Matching spare. Reupholstered front seats. Recent carpet headliner. CD player. 6-inch Infinity speakers. Tinted windows. $750 winch bumper. 10k Bulldog winch. Custom made roof rack(wired for lights). $4,000 paint and new woodgrain. Amazing driver. Exhaust sounds amazing. Ready for driving, camping, and whatever you want to throw at it. Always gets comments and thumbs up wherever you go.

1962 Jaguar Mark II

I got the J with Jag and the J with Jeep confused! Purchased out of Southern California on eBay. Pictures did not match reality. Scope of work was rebuild suspension, transmission, axle, wiring, seat belts, Smiths gauges, brakes and various components. It’s a Jaguar… It was a challenge. Wet-sanded paint. Overall, ended up being a beautiful driver. I will never do another Jaguar again… Unless enough incentive.I got the J with Jag and the J with Jeep confused! Purchased out of Southern California on eBay. Pictures did not match reality. Scope of work was rebuild suspension, transmission, axle, wiring, seat belts, Smiths gauges, brakes and various components. It’s a Jaguar… It was a challenge. Wet-sanded paint. Overall, ended up being a beautiful driver. I will never do another Jaguar again… Unless enough incentive.

1966 Cobra Kit

Registered as a 66 Cobra. From Texas by a owner that neglected it. Built 351Cleveland, Top Loader 4spd. 66 Jaguar XKE front torsion bar suspension and 66 JAG XKE independent rear. Tube frame and steel scatter shield. Racing clutch ect. This was my money hole. Rebuilt dashboard (removed autometer guages) installed all original Smiths guages with Lucas switches. New shifter, new 25 gallon custom made stainless steel fuel cell. Restored original Halibrand Knock offs. New BFG tires, new fuel system, Lexan winshield, new Raydot mirrors, new roll bar (real roll bar) made by RED Randy Ellis Design. New Lucas H4 lights, New racing quick jack bumpers. new lenses, hidden stereo, hidden speakers, sound deadening material everywhere. New dual oil filters and correct cooler. New bushings NEW NEW NEW..I am sure I am forgetting a ton of parts…. this car was a blast to drive and I was always on the cusp of getting into alot of trouble. Sold car to new owner in Ohio. He is planning on RED paint last I talked to him. He loves his car!!

1969 Wagoneer

This old beauty is a original Arizona jeep. Avocado Mist Green with a rebuilt Buick 350 (factory) a TH400 Automatic Transmission and Dana 20 transfercase. Brand new 2.5″ exhaust with a Flowmaster muffler. (sounds MEAN). I just installed a 4″ lift made by Alcan spring (one of the best in the business) with all new Rancho Shocks. From my private stash of parts, I installed a set of original vintage 60’s Kelsey Hays 15×9 wheels (the riveted ones). Had them powder coated white, for that vintage 60’s look. New 31×10.50×15 Falken Wild Peak tires. The Interior is in amazing shape. Original headliner and original dashboard. New carpet with custom floor mats. The front seat was stitched to match the original rear seat. It was completely rebuilt with new springs and padding, but using the original material on the seat back. Also from my private stash, I mounted a rare Warn winch bumper that is going to get a original 60’s Warn/Bellview winch. The floors are in great shape, there was some rust pitting, but this was sanded and treated with a rust inhibitor and painted. There is a small spot of rust behind both rear tires. I have the patch panels and can do the repairs and repaint that area with matching paint.

1982 Jeep CJ7 Renegade

Sympathetic restoration. 258 six, Weber carb and aluminum valve cover, aftermarket coil. 4spd and Dana 300 transfercase. 90% original paint. New windshield frame. New seats and new dash pad. Uncut, original dashboard. refurbished door panels and visors. New Renegade stickers over original Chestnut Brown paint. Smittybuilt bumpers, KC lights, 4″ procomp lift, procomp shocks, warrior shackles. Steering box brace and new steering stabilizer. Lecarra steering wheel (or original if you choose) 33″ procomp x-terrains on aluminum wheels. All new lenses and lights. Hardtop with new paint. Bikini top and half doors included. Front and rear axles have new bearings and seals, new ball Joints. Was towed behind RV for many years, odometer shows 180k miles, but jeep has probably less than 70k under its own power. Still has all wiring connections for RV lights. Runs and drives great. Looks the part too.

1960 Willys PickUp

Colorado rusty bucket, however, deluxe model with factory Julip Green paint and factory plow. How could you not love her? Hurricane straight 6. 43k original miles. Interior completely restored(seats, headliner and door panels). All gauges functioning. New floor pans, springs and shocks. 32 Ford LED taillights. Rubber bed mat. Rhino lined floors and roof. New trim. Restored wheels with used tires. Awesome runaround vehicle and total eye-catcher. Sold to proud owner in Langley.

1979 Wagoneer

84k original mile Arizona beauty. Rare Sunshine Yellow. Sold to new owner in Missouri. 360 AMC TH400 auto with quadratrac. F/R Dana 44’s original restored wheels and paint. New woodgrain and tires. New upholstry, headliner and carpet. Cold A/C, great driver and truly my favorite so far and become the logo for The Jeep Farm.

1979 Jeep CJ5

1979 Jeep CJ5 hot rod. Has brand new BUILT, FULL TILT AMC 401. Also has Comp Cams Thumper Cam, 1.6 roller rockers, double roller timing chain, oiling upgrades (internal), Fluid dampner, big vlaves heads, Edelbrock intake, Holley Truck Avenger, Moroso oil accumulator set up on toggle switch. Has internal -6AN to take oil to back cam bearings. Has a steal mid plate and new HP oil pump. (mid plate is so oil pump gears ride on steal, rather than aluminum) vacuum canister for power brakes. Powermaster high torque starter. DAVIS UNIFIED DISTRIBUTOR and wires (over 500.00 alone), Show quality, headers, sidepipes. WAY fast and loud. Sounds like a drag car. Does not overheat or even run warm. T-18 trans with Dana 20 transfercase. 30 front with ARB, 20 rear with ARB, HD ARB compressor with tire chuck, and hose to air up tires. Old school Sommers Bros Axles in rear. 4:56 gears, roll cage, NEW seats, New Guages, NEW steal rockers and rear wrap with rivets. LED lights 5 NEW General RED LETTER tires. 33/12.50/15. 5 NEW Mickey Thompson wheels. HD steering box mount, NEW Rancho 9000k shocks, taller shock mounts on front. Louvered hood. Hella headlights. Optima battery. Black Bestop Supertop. OLD school Ramsey 12,000 lb gear drive winch. OLD school hard to find KC lights. ( these really are the old housing and lens.. Not your normal chrome KC’s)Ready to roll. Rock crawl or the dunes. This jeep has tons of POWER. and sounds bad ass. TRUST me you will be hard pressed to find another CJ that sounds or moves like this one. Sold to proud new(and brave) owner in El Paso, TX.

1979 Cherokee S 4 Door

Sold to country music singer/songwriter Chris Stapelton. This Massachusetts transplant has only 77k Original Miles. 360 V8 2 BBL, Auto and quadratrac transfercase. Purchased by Country Singer and song writer Chris Stapelton. This Jeep had not moved since 1999 due to a bad transmission. I rebuilt the transmission, New carpet and New 31×10.50×15 BFG all Terrains on restored wheels. (not pictured). Original paint and stickers, original seats, headliner and dash. The gas tank was dropped and sealed with a new sending unit, carb rebuilt and basic tune up. Other than that it is all original. Has some bubbling around tailgate hinges and lower quarters. Chris purchased this Jeep Flew out to Arizona with his wife and videographer Becky Fluke. They drove the Jeep all the way to Georgia and back to Memphis TN!!! what a journey. In a Jeep that hasn’t seen 50 miles since 1999!!! And they MADE IT! only suffering a dead battery in Texas. We look forward to seeing parts of this jeep in his upcoming music video… we hope. He has become a Jeep fanatic and is looking for a Golden Eagle J-10 to add to his collection.

Welcome to the Jeep Farm

Welcome to The Jeep Farm, LLC.  Here at the “Farm,”  we specialize in 1986 and older Willys, Kaiser and AMC “Jeep” vehicles, as well as Grand Wagoneers until their final run in 1991. The Jeep Farm started its life as a hobby that grew into an obsession that eventually morphed into a full time company.  Growing up in and around Jeeps, it seemed like a natural fit for my talents and mechanical skills to restore and renew something that I have always loved.  Bringing Jeeps back life and seeing them back on the road or trail truly is what the “Farm” is about.  We live and breathe the Jeep Life.  Driving Jeeps, wheelin’ Jeeps and being a part of the Jeep community is our passion, our life, and our reason to live.

Jeeps are pieces of Americana, a huge part of motoring history, muscle car mania, gas crunch victims, and war veterans. Jeep has and will always be a part of America. They bring a smile to your face and make you feel proud in your heart to be driving them. They have so much more to offer than any modern “bubble” car. Woodgrains, bright colors to olive green, Loud V8’s, side pipes, tires that hum, the chrome, and most of all the four wheel drive. The ability to take you where you want to go, places only a “Jeeper” can go, exploration, and camping. Getting out and seeing this country and spending time in the great outdoors is a dying pastime in the digital age. Live, and breathe the Jeep life.

What are you waiting for?

Here at the “Farm” we offer a wide variety services from restoration, repair, sales, consignment, sourcing, and hoarding. Please read below to see each scope and its definition.  To learn more about us please look at the Contact page.  Also, please look at our Facebook page, YouTube videos, and JP Magazine article.  See why we will become your first choice in Jeep restoration, or as we call it, “The Jeep Farm.”   

Restoration: Restoring or bringing back to life the right Jeep or Willys is a passion and an art form. We search the Western US for original and rust-free, and sometimes rare Jeeps.  Restoration projects can range from full “nut-and-bolt” restorations to budget-oriented builds.  Often we self-purchase and rebuild Jeeps on order to keep a constant flow of beautiful “Farm Fresh” Jeeps available to the market. We also serve selective clientele who fit within The Jeep Farm’s theme of ‘Full Originality’ or ‘Near Original’ (with mild modifications) — our specialty areas.  Our passion is first-quality, period correct, and detail-oriented work, whether in partial restorations or in full blown “nut-and-bolt” restorations.  Further, we also specialize in what we call “sympathetic restorations.”  This is one of our favorite paths in which we keep as much of the original feel of the vehicle (including but not limited to sustaining as much of the original paint and seat material, and preserving the drivetrain) while replacing and restoring only what is really needed to make an original feeling “Survivor” but yet a reliable driver.  Ultimately, there really is no limit to our work as long as it fits into our theme.  Sometimes proud prospective owners want an upgraded, modern engine.  We will gladly perform this service at your request.   Additional personalization may include: custom exhaust, lift kits, larger tires, gears, lockers, stereos, bumpers, and winches, all of which are available within the scope of building your “Dream Jeep.”  At The Jeep Farm, we want to build the Jeep you want whether it’s restored back to original, slightly modified, or with stealth power (while still stock in appearance); you name it, we will build it for you.

Repair: Repairing Jeeps for you is a service that we do with a smile.  We only work on Jeeps that fit our niche which kept us a steady flow of clientele.   Willingness to work on the old and rusty, not running for decades, or the forgotten is our specialty.   Rebuilding motors, drivetrain parts, and general repairs is a “Farm” axiom.  Please email or contact in person for a quote.  Please remember that estimates are nearly impossible without a visual inspection of a Jeep’s overall condition.

Sales: Buying and restoring Jeeps is an addiction here at the “Farm.”  Please view our listings below of Jeeps for sale and watch our eBay listings as well as other online listings.

Consignment: Consigning Jeeps for select clients is offered.  Any Jeep that we sell for customers has to fit the “Farm’s” style and also has to be up to our standards. We only sell what we would buy. Complete honesty and detailed communication regarding any issues is a must in any agreement with our client and potential new owner. The Jeep Farm will only sell Jeeps and Willys vehicles. The Jeeps have to be local to me and I have to see and drive in person. I will not sell any vehicle that I cannot reasonably vouch for. Please contact me with pictures and we can discuss further.

Sourcing: The Jeep Farm will help locate, photograph, and inspect Jeeps for you.  Finding the right Jeep for a customer can be a long process, sometimes taking many months. Once you have agreed to pursue a certain Jeep, we go look at the Jeep in person.  We also offer help in negotiating a price, purchasing, easing money transfer, picking up the Jeep and delivering to an automotive carrier, all for a fee.  Many clients have us locate the Jeep they want, perform any needed repairs, repaint to original or custom color, and execute any upgrades or modifications so that they can receive the Jeep they have always wanted.

Hoarding: Well you can never have too many Jeeps can you? I truly see beauty in most Jeeps. I could have one of every model, doubles and triples of some.  If it weren’t for my lovely wife, I probably would.  If you have the “Jeep Bug” you know exactly what I mean.

1984 CJ7 renegade

Very Nice 1984 CJ7 Renegade. 118k original miles. Has a clean and clear Arizona title. The title is an “A” title. For you non Arizonians this means it is documented and original. I purchased this jeep in southern California. The previous owner put a NEW 304 V-8 with a very healthy RV cam, has a full folder of receipts. She has dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers and sounds mean. (There is a video on my website) The 304 has between 8-10k miles and runs extremely strong and is very lopey at idle. The auto trans has been flushed and shift great, followed up with a Dana 300 transfer case. There is a 4” Superlift lift kit with Doetch Tech shocks, BRAND NEW 33×12.50×15 BFG all terrains (5) less than 300 miles. I pulled out of my personal stash 5 correct Jeep wagon wheel with center caps and new lug nuts. The tub is 100% rust free and strait. I put a NEW repro (not junk yard) hood on it. The original is avail but dented due to a tree branch. There is also an aftermarket steering box and steering shaft. NEW CD player and dash speakers. NEW dash pad and temp and oil pressure gauges. The V8 has great oil pressure, 70lbs at start and runs 20-40 when hot. There is a new radiator and no overheating issues. It runs 190deg in phoenix when it was 114 deg outside. The interior is basic with two high back seats and a Tuffy console (no back seat) and a full roll cage. There is no top other than the bikini top. This jeep runs awesome, has plenty of power and drives strait and true at 70 MPH and sounds BAD ASS!!!!