1985 Ice Blue CJ7

This jeep came to us from Pat and Pam. They purchased this Jeep new here in Phoenix and They still use it as their daily driver. The Jeep came to us with 230k plus miles and was in need of a overhaul and upgrades. Wanting to stay mostly stock with the build, we did all new poly suspension kit, Poly body kit, new shocks, brakes, 1 pc axle rebuild, new bearings and more. The motor was sent to Zimmerman racing to have a high end rebuild done with a fuel injection cam installed. The T-5 was rebuilt with a HURST style short throw shifter. The transfercase was resealed, and painted along with many other things.. While all this was being done, we cleaned and repainted the engine compartment, had the interior completely re-stitched in new Jeep JK materials and rebuilt the Speedo, tach and more. Once the motor was put back in we installed a FAST fuel injection, a “Tanks, Inc” in tank pump, updated AC components, variable ratio steering box, upgraded steering shaft and more. Striped the clear coat off the chrome wheels and polished them, painted the under carriage and more. We did pretty much everything other than the paint. They had it repainted in the past so we left that alone. This ended up being a beautiful CJ that runs down the highway strait and true. Pat loves to tell me “I buried the speedometer” now that is a rarity in the CJ world! ​​​​​​